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If you love music and want to hear some of the most amazing street performers, then You Tube is the place to go. You can find some of the most amazing talents performing at street corners and subway stations. From classical to rock, you can find just about anything here. Here are 10 stranges things found on YouTube:

1. A woman playing a violin while laying on her back on a table in a crowded restaurant/bar.

2. A man plays an electric keyboard while standing on a street corner in New York City.

3. Two guitar players play “Stairway to Heaven” on a sidewalk in front of a café.

4. An older woman sings opera for tips in Los Angeles, CA.

5. A man plays his guitar on the side of the street while sleeping next to it with his dog in Boston, MA.

6. Two men perform their own version of “House of the Rising Sun.”

7. A man plays drums while his friend dances next to him at a bus stop in Boston, MA.

8. A rabbi sings “Hallelujah” as he walks through Central Park in New York City.

9. A man singing “Fix You” by Coldplay as he plays his guitar on

You can find anything on You Tube these days. Videos range from the ordinary to the downright bizarre, and with so many videos to choose from we thought we would narrow down the list for you.

Here are some of the strangest things found on You Tube:

1. Live Sea Monkeys

If you thought sea monkeys were just a cool toy that came in a kit at the back of a comic book, think again. In this video, you can watch a massive colony of sea monkeys swimming around in their fish tank home.

2. A Live 16 Foot Python Found at Home Depot!

Now this is what I call home improvement. Imagine finding this monster while shopping for plumbing supplies?

3. A Giant Hornet’s Nest Being Destroyed by Firefighters!

This hornet’s nest is being destroyed by firefighters in Japan on You Tube, but it is clearly too late as a swarm of hornets has already formed to protect their nest! The nest is so large that it looks like a giant football hanging from the tree!

4. 10 Year Old Girl With Insane Drumming Skills!

Drummers are usually thought of as being bad boys and girls, you know, with all the drugs and rock-n

There are some pretty strange things on YouTube, like the Bonsai Kitten and the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. But this list is about the weirder things that you can find on YouTube. These are some of oddest videos that you will ever see, and prove that the world has become a stranger place than we could have ever imagined.

10. The Hitler Phone

There’s nothing quite as entertaining as watching a puppet dressed up as Hitler scream expletives at its owner because he won’t give it any beer. The genius behind this video has now created a whole series of videos in which he gets Hitler to rant about all kinds of things, including Obama and the election, though if only they were available in English. It’s still fun to watch even if you don’t speak German though.

9. The Monkey On A Pig

This video is simple but oddly compelling. It features a pig with a monkey on its back, who looks around and stares right at you with beady eyes while beneath him the pig runs through mud and water with the monkey still firmly seated on its back. It’s an incredible sight, but no one knows who made it or why it was made in the first place!

8. The Perfect Man

Have you

1. Amazing Street Performers Music

2. Giant Lego Statue of Liberty

3. Video of the World’s Largest Firework

4. The Amazing Dancing Bear

5. The World’s Most Expensive Watch

6. A Video of a Bugatti Veyron Driving at 253 mph

7. Funny Clip Featuring the World’s Fattest Children

8. An Accurate Video of a Killer Shark Swimming in the Ocean

9. A Video of an Elephant Playing Soccer

10. A Video of the World’s Tallest Man

1. The Amazing Street Performer

While looking for videos of street performers, I came across a video of a man in India playing music on a bicycle. It was so amazing that I had to watch it several times to make sure what I thought I saw was real. At first glance this guy looks like he has two metal trash can lids duct taped together with a stick and a chain. Then you realize that he is actually playing the bike like an instrument. The chains attached to the pedals spin around the tops of the trash can lids creating an amazing sound. This is one of those things that you must see for yourself!

Everyone loves street performers. They give us something to do while we wait in line at Starbucks, they provide an alternative to the elevator music piped in through the speakers, and they sometimes provide a welcome distraction as we walk down the street.

These ten artists, however, don’t just provide a distraction; they are amazing. They’ve taken what is usually considered a mundane activity – playing an instrument or singing on the street – and turned it into an art form.

We were hard-pressed to limit this list to ten; YouTube is overflowing with talented street performers doing everything from singing opera to dancing ballet. If you like what you see here, take a few moments and search for more on YouTube – you’ll find musicians of every stripe and from every country in the world.

Entertainers who perform in the street are called street performers or buskers. Busking is practiced all over the world, and professional buskers are highly organized in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Busking is commonly thought to have begun with traveling or wandering minstrels in medieval Europe who sang songs and told stories in exchange for food or money. It continued through Renaissance times when actors would perform on street corners or public squares, but it was not until the 19th century that it became organized into a commercial endeavor. Professional buskers can organize international tours – like street artists such as Tap Dogs and Circa do – which make busking a potentially lucrative career option.

In some countries where there is little or no government regulation, busking may be a form of unofficial work for migrants. Busking is typically done in public places for gratuities which are generally in the form of money but other gratuities such as food, drink or gifts may be given.

Buskers vary greatly in style, quality and reputation; most still rely on active audience participation to make their acts work, though some (e.g., mime artists) do not. Some street performers are members of unions or have other commercial representation (e

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