5 Must-see street performers for a fun and entertaining night out

Street performances are a great way to enjoy a night out and get into the spirit of the city. Here are 5 street performers that you must see on your next night out in New York City:

– Daniel Hsu performing at Lincoln Center, NY

– Shie Rozow performing at Times Square, NY

– The Bubble Man performing at Union Square, NY

– The Dancers performing at Columbus Circle, NY

– The Living Statue Guy performing at Central Park, NY

Street performers in the UK are regulated by local councils and are required to have a license from them. You will often find street performers in town centre’s and they will often be very talented as they need to attract large crowds in order to make money.

This guide should give you an overview of the top 5 street performers that are currently working in the UK, so if you’re planning a night out anywhere soon, why not make sure you check these guys out:

1) The Drumming Robot – This guy has been around for a few years now but he is still one of the best drummers on the streets. He plays sometimes with his band or just with his drum machine, he is a great act to watch and is well worth seeing.

2) The Mime Artist – This guy is brilliant, he can look like a statue on top of a box for hours at a time without moving but once there is someone passing by who puts money into his box, he jumps into life and does some amazing tricks.

3) The Knife Juggler – I have never really seen anyone else do this before which is why this guy comes in at number 3 on my list, I’m not sure if it’s actually legal to juggle knives but it makes for an

1. The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone is an amazing street performer duo, comprised of two world class jugglers, Jon Wee and Owen Morse. Their juggling act is really entertaining, and they are able to crack everyone up with their witty banter and jokes. They’ve been on America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the Late Show with David Letterman, to name a few. They will astound you with their juggling abilities, and put a smile on your face at the same time!

2. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is another America’s Got Talent finalist. He brings an amazing combination of old school magic tricks along with some new ones that he has invented himself. He has also appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Peter Rabbit’s show is great for all ages, as it incorporates comedy and magic tricks in his performance.

3. Rich Ferguson

Rich Ferguson is a well known street performer who makes things disappear right before your eyes! He combines magic with mind reading techniques to get your brain working overtime trying to figure out how he does some of his mysteries that he performs on the street! Rich has made several appearances on NBC’s Today Show, as well as other television programs such as Ellen and Rachael Ray

1. Tommy Showtime

The most versatile street performer on the circuit, Tommy can be seen juggling nearly anything. He’s also a master of disguise, with an uncanny ability to transform himself into a walkabout version of any character you can imagine.

2. Juggling Jeff

A real crowd pleaser and a true all-rounder, Juggling Jeff is a one-man show who likes to keep things fresh by performing new tricks every night.

3. Bubble Man

A truly unique act, Bubble Man has been blowing bubbles for years and he’s always up for trying a new trick or two.

4. Lionel the Lion Tamer

This is one man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and play with the big cats. Lionel will delight you as he tames lions on the street every night of the week.

5. Pete Fire Eater

Not for the squeamish, Pete Fire Eater will thrill and entertain you as he eats fire right in front of your eyes!

1. Drummers of New Caledonia

Drummers of New Caledonia are a group of Indigenous street drummers from the South Pacific nation. They perform with traditional Kanak drums, called ‘tchekéré’, and their captivating, rhythmic beats will have you dancing all night long.

2. Serendipity

Serendipity is a fantastic duo comprised of a singer and her guitar player. Serendipity’s soft vocals will leave you mesmerised as she sings popular covers like “Titanium” and “She Will Be Loved”.

3. Brass Mnky

Brass Mnky is a New Orleans-style brass band that plays jazz, funk, rock and hip hop music in an exciting and energetic way. Their performances are always lively, fun and entertaining.

4. Mandy Nolan

Mandy Nolan is an Australian comedienne famous for her natural wit, hilarious observations and lighthearted banter with the audience. If you’re looking to laugh until your stomach hurts, make sure you catch Mandy Nolan’s stand-up comedy act!

5. Chrissy the Hypnotist

Chrissy the Hypnotist is a highly engaging hypnotist

1. Brian Kidd

This young man is only 16 years old but has made quite an impact on the street performances scene in London, leaving a trail of awed and amazed people behind him.

Brian’s speciality is escape acts and his show consists of escaping from a straitjacket, being tied up in many knots and being shackled in handcuffs whilst submerged underwater for a short period of time.

You can find Brian performing at Piccadilly Circus every day of the week except for Thursday, where he can be found at Covent Garden Piazza. He usually performs at around 5pm, though this is subject to change so it’s always best to check before heading over there.

2. Tim Karpinski

What makes Tim Karpinski’s performance so impressive is not only his ability to manipulate objects but his ability to do so extremely quickly!

He takes the normal objects you would see around the home such as glass jars, bottles and lightbulbs and turns them into a blur of rapid activity as he spins them around his arms and body.

Tim also uses other objects such as juggling clubs and balls to create an impressive display that will leave you with your jaw on the floor. You can catch Tim performing near Covent

The best street performers don’t just provide entertainment, they provide experiences.

I once met a guy who had fixed his car in the middle of nowhere with only a candy bar wrapper and a phone book (or so he said). I asked him how he did it. “I can fix anything,” he replied. “How?” I asked. “I’m the MacGuyver of the streets,” he said.

This may be an exaggeration, but if you want to be entertained, you must find this man, who is not MacGuyver, but has many of his talents. His name is Davey Nocks and his act will keep you on your toes as he fixes things in seemingly impossible ways with whatever items he can find around him.

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