Bicycling has many benefits including its cost-effectiveness. These are 8 reasons why you should consider using a bike.

Bicycling has many benefits including its cost-effectiveness. These are 8 reasons why you should consider using a bike.

Bicycling is a cheap and fun way to get around. It’s also one of the best ways to stay in shape, but if you’re not convinced, here are a few more reasons to start pedalling today:

1. You Save Money

A new bike can cost $100 or less at any department store, while good models start at around $300-$400. A new car will set you back $19,000 on average. And that doesn’t include maintenance costs, insurance and parking fees. Riding your bike can be 100% free once you’ve made your initial investment in the bike itself.

2. You Get More Exercise

The health benefits of regular exercise are well documented. Bicycling is an excellent aerobic form of exercise and helps strengthen muscles, joints and bones without putting too much stress on them. Cycling is also a low-impact form of exercise which means it does not put pressure on joints like other exercises such as running do. It has even been shown to help relieve lower back pain.

3. It’s Good for the Environment

Riding your bike uses

Bicycling has several benefits that make it a great way to commute. Here are eight of the best reasons to start commuting by bicycle:

1. It’s a healthy, low-impact exercise that improves your cardiovascular health.

2. You will save money on gas, insurance and car maintenance costs.

3. It helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in urban areas.

4. Bicycling is a low-stress and efficient way to travel for short trips.

5. Choosing a bicycle for your daily commute can help you lose weight or maintain your current weight.

6. It’s fun!

7. Cycling to work helps prevent common health problems like heart disease, cancer and stroke

8. By cycling you can help reduce our dependency on foreign oil imports

If you need a little inspiration to get on your bike more often, here are eight reasons why cycling is awesome.

1. Cycling is cost effective

Unless you’re using your bike to commute over long distances every day, it’s likely that you’re saving money by riding rather than driving. Bikes don’t require fuel or any other kind of maintenance outside of the occasional trip to the bike shop for new tires and brake cables, both of which are relatively inexpensive repairs.

2. Cycling builds strong bones

Because cycling is a weight-bearing exercise, it helps build bone density and slows down bone loss as you age. It’s also a great way to get started with weight training to improve muscle strength, which can also help prevent osteoporosis later in life.

3. Cycling reduces stress

Cycling can make you feel happy and relaxed in those moments when nothing seems to be going right—and that’s not just because you’ve left work or class behind for a couple of hours. The physical benefits of exercise make it easier for your body to cope with stress by releasing endorphins, which will also help alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms over time.

4. Cycling can help you lose weight

While cycling is an effective tool for burning calories, losing

1. Bicycling is a great way to increase your physical activity.

2. Bicycling is inexpensive and easy on your budget.

3. Bicycling is a non-polluting mode of transportation, that doesn’t depend on fossil fuels.

4. Bicycling uses little land, so it doesn’t contribute to sprawl or habitat loss.

5. Bicycling reduces traffic congestion, making it easier for everyone else to get around.

6. Bicycling helps reduce dependence on foreign oil, which strengthens our national security and economy.

7. Bicycling helps create more livable communities, with better air quality and less noise pollution.

8. Bicycling is fun!

1. It’s cheap.

2. It’s good for the environment.

3. It’s fun!

4. It increases your physical activity and improves your health.

5. You can travel anywhere at anytime, with no traffic jams or parking hassles!

6. You never have to wait in line to fill up at a gas station!

7. You are less likely to get into a crash; if you do, you are less likely to be injured because you are riding at slower speeds and wearing a helmet!

8. It is cool to ride a bike!

1. Health benefits

Bicycling is an important way to get the physical activity necessary for good health and fitness. Regular walking or jogging can be hard on the joints, especially if you are overweight or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Biking is low impact and builds endurance without putting too much strain on the body.

2. Environment benefits

Bicycling has no negative impact on the environment. It does not pollute the air or water, it does not make noise pollution, and it does not require fossil fuels to operate. In fact, compared to other modes of transportation, bicycles are one of the most environmentally friendly methods of travel available today.

3. Money benefits

A bicycle costs very little compared to a car and much less than public transportation. Bikes don’t need gasoline or insurance, you don’t have to pay for parking tickets or repairs, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs like oil changes or tune-ups. A good bike will last for many years with regular maintenance and only minor repairs needed along the way. Even after you factor in the cost of a helmet, locks and lights, a bicycle still pays for itself many times over in comparison to driving a car every day.

4. Social benefits

If you cycle

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