How to Have the Perfect Audition Experience

The typical audition process can be intimidating, especially for the first-timer. The following tips will help you make a great impression on the day of your audition, and to be better prepared for the experience as a whole:

1. Make sure you know all of the information about your audition beforehand, including where it is located, what time you should arrive and what to bring.

2. Leave early so that you have plenty of time to get lost or encounter traffic. Get there early enough that you will not be rushed when filling out any necessary paperwork and preparing for your audition.

3. Bring anything required for your audition (sheet music, headshots, resumes, etc.) and anything that makes you feel more comfortable (a bottle of water or a snack).

4. Be polite and professional at all times. You are being evaluated from the moment you enter the building until long after you leave.

5. Be confident in yourself and your abilities! Good luck!

The typical audition process is long and exhausting. Just getting one of the coveted audition slots in the first place can be a daunting task. For example, if you want to audition for a Broadway show or touring company, you can go to the website of the union that represents performers (such as Equity or SAG-AFTRA) and find out where auditions are being held.

You may have to go to a certain location on a certain day and time and wait in line with hundreds of other hopefuls just to get your name on a list. Then when your number is called, you may have only a few minutes to sing your song or read your monologue for the producer or casting director.

And there’s no guarantee that you’ll even get that far; sometimes an assistant will listen to everyone’s material and then give producers or directors a list of people who meet their criteria before they get to see anyone in person.

For those who do get an audition appointment, there are many ways to make sure it goes smoothly and increases your chances of booking the job. Here are some tips:

If you have been to an audition or two, you know that there is a bit of an art and science behind what makes a great audition. One of my favorite quotes from the book “The Art of Possibility” is “What if it’s not about getting it right, but about being willing to get it wrong?”

I have been lucky enough to be in hundreds of auditions over the years and I have discovered a few things that make the audition experience better.

1. Practice with a friend! If you are not comfortable practicing with another human being, then practice in front of your mirror. The key here is to find the courage to share your work in progress with someone else. It is important to loosen up and get comfortable with your piece in front of another human being before you step into the room.

2. Breathe deeply and visualize a positive outcome! If you are feeling anxious or fearful about your upcoming audition, take some deep breaths and imagine yourself doing well at the audition. Imagine landing the role, getting clapped for by your new cast mates, and taking your bow at opening night! This can help calm you down and also give you something positive to focus on.

3. Do not dwell on what has happened in past auditions!

In preparation for your upcoming audition, you need to make sure that you are prepared. There are many things that you can do to make sure that your audition is a success. One of the first steps in preparing for an audition is being familiar with the material that you will be expected to perform. Make sure that you know every line and lyric, and practice them until they are second nature. This way, if something should go wrong during the audition process, you won’t be caught off-guard. Because you are so well practiced, it will be easier for you to forget about the mistake and move on to the next line or song.

Another step in preparing for your audition is making sure that anything physical (such as dance moves, accents, etc) is also perfectly practiced. If there are any things that need to be memorized besides lines/lyrics/music, be sure to have those memorized as well!

Finally, try your best to get a good night’s rest before your audition. You want to be as relaxed and focused as possible when going into an audition situation. Being well-rested helps ensure this!

Good luck!

Every performer has an audition horror story. The pianist who was so nervous that he forgot to play his accompaniment, the dancer who slipped and fell on her way across the stage, the actor who forgot their lines… The list goes on and on.

So how do you prepare for an audition when there are so many things that can go wrong? Follow these guidelines to ensure your next audition is a positive experience.

Be Prepared

It sounds simple, but it’s true: be prepared. Rehearse your audition piece(s) until they’re perfect. Know your performance inside and out. If you’re singing an aria, learn the language of the original libretto so you can sing it in its native tongue. If you’re dancing a ballet, know what steps follow what step. If you’re acting, memorize your lines backward and forward until they become second nature.

In addition to knowing your performance, always bring a spare copy of your headshot and resume with you to the audition. You never know who might ask for one — or if one of the producers loses theirs! You might even leave it with them if they request it as a reminder of your performance!

Dress to Impress

You may have heard this phrase before

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