How to Make Money Playing Guitar in the Subway

I’ve been busking in the NYC subways since August 2003. I started with a gig bag full of drum sticks and a snare drum. After two months of that, I had made a total of $85. The next month, I switched to playing guitar. The first day, I played ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles over and over again for four hours straight. That day I made $126. By the end of my first year, I had made over $12,000 playing music in the subway for tips. In 2004 I was featured in the New York Times and on CNN, and it turned out that lots of other people were interested in trying to make a living playing music too.

Since then, this blog has become one of the most popular sites on the internet for buskers, subway musicians and street performers. It’s full of practical advice on how to make money playing music in the subway or anywhere else you can find an audience.

This is a site about making money doing something you love – playing live music – without having to compromise your art or your integrity. It’s also about taking responsibility for your own life instead of waiting around for someone else to hire you or support you. If you want to read more about me and what

When I first started my guitar busking project (playing guitar on the subway for money), I made a lot of mistakes. I would set up in front of the wrong places, people would ignore me, and I wouldn’t make any money. This was all very discouraging, but luckily I had friends who helped me and guided me along. So in this post I’m going to list the three best tips that were given to me, so that you can avoid making my mistakes.

1. The best location is a place with a lot of foot traffic where you don’t have to compete with other musicians or street performers.

2. People are much more likely to listen and donate if you are nice, friendly, and approachable.

3. Wearing bright colors makes people notice you more and makes you look happy and fun to be around.

“I started doing this in Sept 2007. By the end of 2009 I had made over $100,000 from busking and performing. I share my story so that others may be inspired to do the same.”

This is the blog of Colin Huggins, a 20-something musician who lives in New York City. He makes his living by playing classical music on a grand piano in subway stations.

People make a living playing music. You don’t see that in the mainstream media, but it’s true. For me it was a matter of survival. I played music because I had no other way to make money. Though what I was doing was illegal, I was able to stay below the radar without too much trouble. Getting arrested in New York City can be a real pain in the ass, but if you’re smart, you can usually avoid it.

I learned how to play bachata and salsa in the New York City subway system. There are hundreds of buskers who play all over the city, not just on subway platforms but also on the streets-and many of them are quite good musicians. But for me, playing on subway platforms seemed like a better option than playing on the street-and here’s why:

These days, I only play at small clubs in Manhattan that pay well. People ask me if I prefer clubs or street performing and my answer is always “clubs.” That’s where I can get paid for my work and where there is an audience that appreciates what I’m doing.”

In the subway system in New York City, there are many buskers who play guitar.

The ones who get paid well are usually playing music that passersby can recognize.

Lately, this has meant a lot of Bob Dylan and some Beatles. They’ve got a good ear for the songs that people like to listen to as they walk by.

They also know how to play them so that it’s not too difficult or too easy for people to sing along to them (if they want to).

This means they’re not playing complicated music, but they’re not playing simple stuff either.

It’s a good mix of ability and familiarity.

“When I first started busking my parents told me to just do it for fun. I played a lot of songs that people knew like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Dust in the Wind” and didn’t make much money, but I did get to play guitar all day (and sometimes night) long.

After about a year I started playing covers of popular songs by artists like John Mayer, Taylor Swift, and The Lumineers. When people would hear songs they already knew they would usually stop and listen and give me compliments after I finished a song. That made me feel good, but it didn’t really help me to make very much money.

Then I realized that if I wanted to make more money I had to start writing my own music. It took me about six months to write enough original music to play for an entire day. Once I started playing my own music more people started giving me compliments because they felt like they were the first ones who had ever heard my songs. They felt special.

I also noticed that the more people who watched me play my original music the more money I would make because each person would give me a little bit more money than when they heard someone

If you are a guitar player and want to make money playing guitar, one of the easiest ways to do this is by being a busker. However, not just any busker will do. To make good money as a busker, you need to be one of the best.

I have been a professional guitarist for over 20 years and have played in many different situations including bands, duos and trios in pubs, hotels and RSLs; in orchestras; as a solo performer at weddings and parties; in recording studios; on cruise ships; and as an entertainer on P&O passenger ferries.

However, the most lucrative work I have ever done has been as a busker – specifically, as one of the best guitar buskers.

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