Living Statues – An Amazing Way to Promote Your Business

Living Statues – An Amazing Way to Promote Your Business is a blog where we teach you how living statue performers are used in public relations and marketing.

The blog posts here are mainly for event professionals, PRs and marketing managers, but anyone can get great advice from us on how to use living statues at their events.

We also have a section for our clients, where we share tips on how to book the best street artists and get the most out of them.

Living Statues: Spectacular Marketing for Your Business

Live street performers, also called street artists or buskers, are used by brands and agencies to create buzz around their products and services. They are particularly useful when you need something that is going to generate attention quickly at a trade show or an expo stand.

Over the years, more and more living statue performers have been popping up all over the world. In London alone there are over 100 buskers doing static performances at any given time! That’s a lot of Living Statues!

Living statues can be hired for any location – indoors or outdoors – with or without electricity. All they require is a good surface to stand on and they’re good to go!

Because of this flexibility, living statue performers can be used almost anywhere

Living Statues are an amazing way to promote your business. We’ve used Living Statues at many exhibitions, product launches and trade shows over the years and they have been a huge success.

It’s simple: we hire one of our Living Statues, dress them up in costume to suit your brand or product (or your theme) and then get them to stand motionless for hours on end, at your event or in a busy location, and guess what… people will talk about it!

Not only that, but before you know it there will be a queue of people waiting to have their photo taken with this amazing spectacle. You’ll even find that people will bring friends back from other parts of the venue to have their photo taken too! That’s great publicity for you because now even more people are talking about it.

You’ll also find that people will take photos and videos of the Living Statue on their phones, they’ll post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all over the internet – free publicity for your company!

Live statues are great fun at public events too, like festivals and carnivals. People love having their photos taken with our performers – again free publicity!

Living statues have become popular at festivals and they are an amazing way to promote your business. The key of this is that it attracts attention and most people do not know what a living statue is, so they are curious. This can be a very powerful promotion tool for businesses.

The best way to understand how this works is to look at examples of businesses who have used living statues successfully in their business promotion strategy. One great example is the bank ING Direct who created a campaign called “Save Your Money” and had a living statue on the streets. The other component of the campaign was a competition for people to win $20,000 if they could guess what was in the strong box that the living statue was guarding. Their website received more traffic from this campaign than any other advertising that they had used before.

A second example of a successful campaign is one used by Tourism Queensland in Australia where they hired a professional living statue performer to promote their region as part of a competition where people had to guess where certain photographs were taken.

A third example which has been implemented in many different cities is using professional performers who dress up as life sized characters from movies and stand still until someone looks them in the eyes or takes their photo, then they come to life and interact with them

In the business world, there are several forms of entertainment that can be used to promote a company or product. One of the most effective and exciting is living statue performances.

These statues are people dressed as statues who remain completely still for long periods of time. They are typically used in public places to draw attention to a business or product, but they can also be used at private events.

Living statues really do amaze people. A performer remains still for so long that people assume that they are a real statue until they move. When they do move, people stop and stare in shock and amazement. Sometimes they even scream!

Because living statues attract so much attention, they are an excellent way to get people interested in your business or product. People tend to move to where the crowd is gathered, which means your living statues will draw more customers to your store or event booth simply by being there!

While many companies use living statues as salespeople, others use them as costumed characters to advertise their products. Companies often hire performers to portray famous characters from movies or television shows. Sometimes these characters interact with the public by posing for pictures or giving away free samples of products. Other times they simply stand still while visitors take pictures of them with their cell phones and digital

Living statues are a great way to stand out from the crowd. They are a unique and memorable form of entertainment that create a buzz at any event. There is something incredibly captivating about a person who is completely still; it makes you want to ask questions and find out more.

They are perfect for promoting products, services or businesses. A living statue can be dressed up to represent your company’s brand or message, and hand out leaflets, or even hold an interactive sign to engage with your customers. The best thing about them is that they do all this without saying a word – they just stand there!

This form of street theatre has become hugely popular in recent years, and has been used by some big companies such as: Microsoft, Samsung, Barclays Bank, Puma and Red Bull.

You can also use living statues at private events such as weddings and parties; they are great for greeting guests as they arrive at the venue, or simply to add some extra interest to the day. They can be positioned in any location to ensure maximum impact – at the entrance to your venue, on the stage or beside your buffet table. As guests arrive they will stop and take photos with them, which will make for some fantastic memories from the day!

Living statues can also

By using living statues in your business, you can promote it in a unique way. Living statues are people dressed in costume and painted like statues. They stand perfectly still and when a person comes close enough they make a movement. This startles the observer who then laughs and often gives them money.

This is an easy way to get attention when you want to promote your business, but there are other ways too. You can hold contests and give away prizes. Or you can pass out flyers or coupons that entice customers to come into your store for a special deal. If you are looking for ideas, check out these examples of businesses that have used living statues to help them gain customers.

Living Statues are a great way to increase your brand awareness, publicise the launch of a new product or service, or just to get people talking about your business.

A Living Statue can be hired for as long as you like, from as little as two hours (although we recommend four hours as a minimum) to a full day or longer.

They’re ideal for events such as shopping centre promotions, exhibition openings and private parties. A Living Statue can also be used to make a flash mob performance that takes place in one location before suddenly moving into another – it’s an amazing spectacle that gets people talking!

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