London Street Artists Offer Free Workshops At Covent Garden

London Street Artists Offer Free Workshops At Covent Garden:

Street art is a platform that encourages artists to express themselves through graffiti, stenciling, murals and other forms of public art.

The London street art platform at Covent Garden offers free street art workshops for people who are passionate about furthering their skills in the area.

You can learn how to make signs, spray paint or design a mural from some of London’s most talented graffiti and street artists.

These workshops are designed for enthusiastic amateurs and artists alike, where you and your friends can learn about the history of street art and get involved in making your own piece to take home with you.

The London Street Art Platform at Covent Garden invites you to come along and experience the world of street art!

London Street Artists Offer Free Workshops At Covent Garden

In recent years the number of street artists has been increasing throughout London. The city is renowned for its street art and it is no surprise that more artists are flocking to the capital.

In light of this, the street art platform at Covent Garden has decided to offer a series of free workshops throughout the summer. These are part of a wider initiative to make street art more accessible to all people.

The workshops will be running from May 30th until August 30th, 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. They will be held in the garden area on Neal’s Yard. Each workshop will last approximately one hour but can be adjusted according to participants’ needs and skill level.

A variety of art tools including spray paint and stencils will be available for anyone who wishes to attend. The only thing required is an artistic interest and commitment to learning new skills! A professional artist will also be present during each session so they can teach attendees how best use them properly.

The workshops were launched on Wednesday 12th April with special guest appearances by UK grime artist, Lethal Bizzle and X-Factor winner Louisa Johnson! Representatives from Covent Garden said “We’re excited

London Street Artists Offer Free Workshops At Covent Garden

In August we have had a number of street artists who have been exhibiting and selling their artwork at Covent Garden Piazza.

The London Street Art Platform is a unique opportunity to meet, chat and learn from the artists themselves. Over the summer we have had over 30 artists taking part in this programme, offering workshops and demonstrations to visitors of all ages. The biggest draw for the public was the opportunity to ‘have a go’ at creating artwork and participating in these activities for free.

Each artist has a different approach to their work; some are traditionalists and others are more experimental. This has resulted in a diverse range of styles present in the artworks that were created by the public, with each session having its own distinct theme.

The materials used by the public ranged from paint, pencils, pens and clay, which were provided for by the artists. In addition to these were more unusual items including fairy lights, metal wire and even salt dough!

Many participants were inspired by what they saw around them; the history of Covent Garden as well as the buildings and people passing by, making it an exciting creative environment.

London Street Artists Offer Free Workshops At Covent Garden

Hitchin based London Street Art Platform, who curate and manage street art for the UK’s leading brands, have announced that they will be inviting the public to participate in free workshops led by leading street artists from around the world. The workshops will take place every Saturday between 12-6pm at Covent Garden Piazza throughout June.

The first workshop is on Saturday 7th June, with lead artist Remi Rough (UK), whose artwork has appeared in galleries across Europe and America, including the Tate Modern in London. Participants can expect to learn basic sketching techniques; how to make marks effectively; how to create compositions and how to work with colours.

Other workshops will be led by artists including:

● Zabou (UK) – 14th June – Zabou creates large scale murals on walls as well as smaller paintings on canvas

● Vhils (Portugal) – 21st June – Vhils creates portraits of people by drilling into walls

● ROA (Belgium) – 28th June – ROA uses black lines to paint animals and birds on walls

Covent Garden Piazza is an iconic location for London’s street

London Street Artists Offer Free Workshops At Covent Garden

London street artists are now offering free workshops where you can learn the art of street art at Covent Garden.

In the run up to Christmas, Covent Garden is teaming up with the London Street Art Platform to offer free workshops for families, adults and children.

The free workshops will take place from 11am – 5pm on three Saturdays: 9th November, 23rd November and 7th December.

The London Street Art Platform was founded by Timorous Beasties and aims to promote cultural activity and community cohesion through street art.

Recently they were responsible for organizing an exhibition which took place in an abandoned swimming pool in West London.

London Street Art Platform at Covent Garden is offering free workshops to the public to celebrate the launch of its new website.

The freelance street art platform, which operates between Covent Garden and Leicester Square, will be putting on two graffiti workshops next month.

The first workshop will run on Saturday 26th May from 1pm-3pm, while the second will take place on Sunday 27th May from 10am-12pm.

Both events are free and anyone aged 7+ can take part. All materials will be provided by the London Street Art Platform.

Participants in both workshops will get the chance to create their own personalised piece of graffiti art to take home with them under the guidance of a professional artist.

The creation of artworks will be done on canvases and not sprayed onto walls – so there’s no need to worry about upsetting any local residents!

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