Save Money at The Performing Arts 10 Ways to Save $200 each month

1. Save Money at The Performing Arts: 10 Ways to Save $200 each month

In our current economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. However, regardless of the state of the economy, a lot of people are determined to continue attending their favorite performing arts events. If you want to attend your local arts events while sticking closely to your budget, there are plenty of ways to do so. Here are ten tips that will help you save big bucks at your local performing arts events this year. You can use these tips for any local event, but in this article I will be focusing on the theater and dance events in my area as examples.

1. Become a Volunteer

Most theaters like my local performing arts center rely heavily on volunteers to help stage an event. If you become a volunteer for the theater or other performing arts venue where you plan to see shows regularly, you can enjoy free tickets when you work as an usher or ticket taker during the show. You can even get free tickets for the entire season if you volunteer in other capacities such as working on costumes or sets or helping manage the theater before and after shows. This is one of my favorite ways to save money on tickets because I enjoy volunteering and I love attending shows!

There are many ways to save money on tickets to the performing arts. Here are a few:

Sites like Goldstar sell discounted tickets for performances in major cities. Discounts are usually about 25% off.

If you’re a student, you can usually purchase student rush tickets at the box office one hour before show time. If tickets are still available at curtain time, they will sell them to the general public at a discount (usually 50% off).

The best way to score cheap seats is by joining a subscriber program. Subscribers receive first crack at all performances, which means the best seats in the house. With subscription rates as low as $20 per month, there’s no better way to see the best shows and save money while doing it.

Many theaters offer discounts to members of AAA and AARP or other affinity groups – check with your local theater for more information.

Many major theaters also sponsor “Pay What You Can” nights where patrons can see productions for whatever price they choose.

There are a lot of ways to save money on tickets. Here are some ideas:

1. Buy your tickets in advance. The best seats go quickly and you’ll pay a premium price if you wait until the last minute.

2. Find out about special discounts. There may be discounts for students, children, military families, and seniors.

3. Join a fan club. You can get special discounts or ticket exchange programs by joining a fan club of your favorite performer or performing arts company.

4. Go to matinee performances or weekday performances instead of weekend shows if possible.

5. Buy season tickets and/or discounted subscription packages (e.g., $20 for 10 tickets). You can often pick the seats you want before single-show ticket buyers arrive!

6. Try your luck at getting free tickets through radio stations, newspapers, or websites that offer contests for free tickets to local events (e.g., KFOG’s “Radio Free KFOG” contest).

7. Ask about student rush tickets (usually less than $15) at larger venues or call the box office directly at smaller venues to see if they offer any last minute deals before the performance begins (

Attending the theater or other performing arts events can be very expensive. Many people believe they won’t be able to enjoy the performing arts unless they spend a lot of money. This is not true. I know many ways to save on tickets.

For example, if you live in a city, look for free performances by local groups such as school bands and community choirs. These are usually excellent, and often performed in beautiful, historic venues such as churches or parks. In most cities, these types of shows are announced in the local paper or on the internet and are usually free.

If you have time to plan ahead, contact your favorite theater to ask about special offers for senior citizens and students. Many theaters offer discounted tickets to seniors and students, although these may not be available for all shows at all times.

Check the websites of your favorite theaters and performing arts groups to see if they have special offers like “buy one ticket, get one free.” Sometimes these offers show up on sites like Groupon or Living Social; other times they’re only advertised on the venue’s own website or social media pages.

Some theaters offer “rush” tickets at half price if you purchase them right before show time (usually 30 minutes). Rush seats are sometimes sold out,

1. Buy tickets ahead of time.

2. Ask about discounts for students, seniors, and teachers.

3. Check the box office for open seating and last-minute deals.

4. Become a member of the Performing Arts Center to receive advance notice of upcoming shows and special pricing discounts.

5. Research group discounts, company discounts, and bulk rate ticket discounts for groups of 10 or more people.

6. Keep an eye out for deals on daily deal websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, or Amazon Local that offer reduced prices on event tickets, entry fees, food, and drinks at local performing arts centers around the country.

7. Buy tickets to weekday performances instead of weekend ones to save money on tickets with less demand and higher availability at reduced prices.

8. Look into season ticket packages to get discounted rates on all performances in a season or series of performances by one artist or group during a set amount of time (usually during the fall or spring).

9. Sign up for email alerts from local performing arts centers so you can find out when they are having holiday specials and promotional events offering discounted rates on admission fees and additional benefits like free parking passes or food vouchers included with your purchase of tickets to an upcoming event or performance at

1. Subscribe to the local newsletter and follow the twitter feed of the performing arts center in your area. These two sources will be your go-to for last minute deals!

2. If possible, purchase tickets on a presale. Even a few hours can save you 20% off the regular price.

3. Ask if they have student or senior discounts. It never hurts to ask!

4. See if they have a “rush” policy when you arrive at the box office before the show starts. They may give away leftover tickets at a discount just before curtain time!

5. Always ask what monthly packages are available and choose one that fits both your budget and schedule so you can see more shows throughout the year!

6. Be flexible with your seat location and timing of the show; this will help save money when purchasing tickets online or at the box office.

7. Don’t pay for parking; drive around long enough and you will find a metered spot within walking distance of most theaters or take public transportation!

8. If you see multiple shows every year, look into donating to their yearly fund drive; there are usually great perks included such as early ticket access, donated tickets, and even parties for donors only!

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