Tips For Celebrity Living Statues

Celebrity Living Statues is a blog that highlights the ins and outs of performing as a living statue. It was started in May 2012 by Johnny Fox, an experienced street performer, who has performed at trade shows and corporate events across the United States for more than a decade.

The blog features reviews of trade shows, convention centers, and hotels; articles about how to succeed as a living statue; tips on how to market your talents; and other entertaining advice from one of the country’s most experienced living statues.

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Living statues are a unique and fun form of art entertainment. The ability to stand still for hours at a time, without moving a muscle, is a skill that most people can only dream about. It takes years of dedicated practice just to be able to maintain the perfect pose in front of an audience. Living statues aren’t like street performers who need to constantly interact with the crowd to raise money. These artists are meant to be admired from afar.

Being a professional living statue performer is not easy work. One of the largest challenges is figuring out how to make money in this field. Living statues don’t have the option of going around with a cup and asking for tips like most other street performers do. And because they are so quiet, many people don’t even realize that they are there or mistake them for real sculptures! Here are some tips for making money as a living statue:

As a living statue, you will be subject to the elements. The first few times that I performed as a living statue, I was not prepared for the sun in Southern California. I would get burnt to a crisp and be in so much pain for days after. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses (I always taped my glasses to my face because they kept falling off). You can also bring an umbrella to create shade on yourself or even wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants.

It is also important to stay hydrated. Bring water and drink often. You will be standing still for hours, so it is a good idea to go to the bathroom before your performance, but remember that if you are performing in costume, it will take some time to get into character after going to the bathroom. Bring some sanitary wipes with you just in case you need them.

If you are performing indoors or at night, keep in mind that there may not be any lights on you. Remember that it is hard for someone who cannot see your face to tell if you are alive or not, so make sure that your costume has reflective tape on it so you can be seen by people walking by.

A living statue performer is a professional artist who stands completely still in public and then suddenly comes to life. The shock of seeing the statue come to life draws crowds quickly, and often keeps them entertained for the duration of the performance.

Living Statues are performers, so it’s important to treat the job like any other entertainment job.

What is a Living Statue?

A living statue, also called a street performer or “living art”, is an individual who poses like a statue or mannequin, usually with realistic statue-like makeup, sometimes for hours at a time, while not moving or speaking. More often than not, the living statue will be dressed in full body paint to resemble the actual statue of antiquity. The key to being a successful Living Statue is to remain very still so as to appear inanimate, but not so still as to make the audience uncomfortable.

Living Statue Tips, Tricks and Advice

The following contains tips, tricks, advice and ideas to help you with your living statue character. Whether you are looking to improve your current character or create a new one, this page is a great tool.

The ideas below are listed in no specific order. Some of the best performers use all of these ideas in their act, if you can’t do them all now don’t get discouraged…it will come with time!

Top 10 Living Statue Tips

1. Just because you are a living statue does not mean you have to be completely still! Consider your theme and how movement can enhance it. For example, if you are a statue of Fred Astaire dancing or Cupid with his bow and arrow…your character needs to move! Just remember the movement needs to be slow and subtle. The audience should not be able to tell if it was planned or an accident.

2. Be sure all of your makeup is waterproof! You will sweat more than you think (depending on the suit) so it’s important for everything to stay on! And please make sure that your clothes match your makeup color 😉

3. DO NOT MOVE for at least the first 5 minutes

In general the amount of tips you will get will depend on your location and how long you are performing. The longer you perform, the more people will notice you and your tip jar. Be sure to place your tip jar in an easily accessible place so people can drop in their contributions quickly and easily.

Also keep in mind that it is not wise to be greedy. When choosing a tip jar, do not choose anything too big. The smaller the better, in my opinion. You want to avoid any suspicion of greediness, especially with tourists who may or may not be familiar with tipping practices at all.

The best tip jars are small glass jars or plastic containers that allow people to see inside them as they are approaching. This makes it easy for them to see if there is any money already inside and if so, how much.

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