12 Steps to Performing On The Street

With a few friends, and a camera, I began my journey as a street performer. Throughout this blog, you’ll find 12 steps that I took to get started as well as tips and tricks to help you succeed in your first performance on the street.

Step 1: Finding Your Audience

The first step is finding where you want to perform. There are many options when it comes to performing on the street. You can perform in a busy city center, or a more relaxed area with less traffic. You’ll have to decide what kind of audience and atmosphere you want for your performance. For example, if you are playing classical music with an acoustic guitar, you may want to choose an area with less traffic where people can stop and listen without being distracted by the noise around them. On the other hand, if you are playing upbeat pop tunes on drums or keys, then maybe finding an area with more foot traffic would be better for your performance.

Performing on the street is a whole different experience than performing in a concert hall or even for family and friends. It takes guts to do it, but it’s great fun once you get over that initial hurdle. I have recently started to perform on the street and wanted to share my experiences as well as some of the things I have learned from reading about other people’s experiences.

I’m sure there are many variations on this list, but here are the 12 steps I have come up with:

1. Have a plan or idea of what you want to do.

2. Get the courage to actually do it.

3. Get all the equipment you need.

4. Pick a location (or multiple locations).

5. Find an audience (it is possible to start without one).

6. Perform!

7. Examine how it went and learn from any mistakes that were made.

8. Make changes as needed and repeat steps 5-7. Don’t forget to keep practicing your music!

9. Increase difficulty where appropriate by increasing duration of performance, adding more songs, performing in more places, etc…

10. Set your next goal and go for it!

11. Keep having fun!

12. Repeat steps 9

Before you go out and perform for the first time I would suggest going to a street that has other performers and watch them play. This will help you get accustomed to the atmosphere and give you tips on how to get the crowd to stop and listen. You will also get to see what works and what doesn’t work.

The most important thing is that you know your songs well enough so that you can just play them without having to think about it. The last thing you want to do is to stop in the middle of your song because you forgot how it goes.

Where To Play:

Find a spot with lots of pedestrian traffic passing by. There are many places in town where people pass by every day; coffee shops, college campuses, bridges or parks. Depending on what kind of music you play, one place might be better than another. For instance if you are a bluegrass band, it would probably be a good idea to find a spot where there are some trees in the background. If you have an upbeat song, playing in the middle of a busy intersection might be good because people will stop at red lights long enough for them to listen to your song before they start driving again.

When To Play:

This all depends on when your fans or potential

Step 1: Get a group of friends together.

Step 2: Find a place to perform.

Step 3: Find someone who can play the guitar and violin.

Step 4: Practice, practice, practice!

Step 5: Pick songs that are familiar to most people.

Step 6: Perform for small crowds at first and then work your way up to bigger crowds.

Step 7: Don’t be afraid to take requests from audience members if they ask you nicely enough!

Step 8: Have fun with it! This is supposed to be enjoyable for both you and the audience so try not to take it too seriously or get too stressed out while performing in front of an audience.

Step 9: Make sure everyone knows their part well before performing live so there are no mistakes during the performance itself.

Step 10: Take breaks between songs occasionally so you don’t become tired and lose your voice after singing nonstop for hours on end without stopping once.

Step 11: Smile big when you’re performing! People love seeing happy faces around them especially when they’re listening to music at the same time (this might sound like common sense but I’ve seen plenty of performers who forget about this one).

Step 12: If someone offers money or food as payment

1. Pick a place where people will be.

2. Pick a good time when people will be there.

3. Make sure you have your instrument and are tuned up before you get to the street.

4. Make sure you have your music ready and in an easy to access location.

5. Have your money bag in an easy to access location (unless you have a table set-up).

6. Pay attention to what’s going on around you as you set up and play (or even as you walk to the street…).

7. Be polite in setting up and packing up, don’t be pushy or rude to anyone else who is out there (including other buskers).

8. Smile at everyone who walks by! (even if they don’t look like they want to hear live music)…you never know who might contribute some money at some point during your performance!

9. Ask questions like “How are you today?” or “What kind of music would you like?” or “What type of song do you want me to play?” or “What kind of song do YOU play?” People love talking about themselves

I had always wanted to try busking. I think that it can be a great way to spread my music, as well as make some money. But I had never actually done it before, because I thought that it would be really hard and challenging. So before I tried it out, I researched the topic and asked advice from experienced musicians. After learning more about it, I realized that trying street performing is not as complicated or intimidating as I thought it was.

The most important thing that I learned was that there are only two things you need to become a street performer: a place to perform and your instrument. The place doesn’t have to be fancy or beautiful, but you do have to find an area with potential customers who are willing to stay and listen. The best places are in busy areas where there are crowds of people such as marketplaces, parks, downtown areas or shopping malls. Next, you want to find a location where you can get the most attention from customers by having a good backdrop for your performance that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Secondly, you want to find a spot where people can easily see and hear you by standing on top of something like a chair or steps so that your audience isn’t looking up at you but rather at

1) Buy a hat, put it on the ground.

2) Place your instrument in an open case next to the hat.

3) Play your instrument.

4) Continue playing your instrument until someone puts money in the hat.

5) Continue playing your instrument until everyone who has put money in the hat is satisfied that you have earned it.

6) Go to step 3.

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