Christmas Time Treats A Blog About Surprising People With Free Christmas Gifts and Samaritan Elves

We have been living on the street for a while when I realize something. Since we do not have an internet connection, we should start a blog. I ask my friend what he thinks and he likes the idea immediately. We sit down together to come up with a name that encompasses our lifestyle and beliefs.

We are sitting in a coffee shop drinking some hot chocolate. We both feel like this is the place that we would want to be over the holidays. We could have gone home to see our families but we wanted to be here where we feel that there are people in need of help during the holiday season.

We finally decide on two different names for two different blogs. Christmas Time Treats: A Blog About Surprising People With Free Christmas Gifts and Samaritan Elves: A blog about rewarding the generous amongst us during this holiday season.

The first one is easy because it is literally what we are doing on a daily basis – surprising people with free Christmas gifts! The second one is a bit more complex because we want to bring attention to other people who are giving of themselves during this time of year as well.

Christmas Time Treats is a blog about surprising people with free Christmas gifts and Samaritan Elves is a blog about rewarding the generous amongst us during this holiday season.

Surprising people with free presents while they are out doing their Christmas shopping has become a tradition here in the UK. Although it’s not something that I have ever given much thought to, or even taken part in, I was made aware of it by a friend who was on the receiving end of such an act of charity. She told me how she had been out shopping when two women approached her and asked if they could give her a present as “part of a Christmas project.” She received a scarf and gloves as her gift and, although she was initially suspicious, eventually accepted the gift.

She was one of hundreds who were surprised with free gifts from these women who were part of the Samaritan Elves team. This group are from Samaritans Purse, which is an international Christian relief and development organisation that works through local churches to proclaim and demonstrate the love of God amongst communities in need.

The Samaritan Elves’ aim is to encourage acts of kindness during this festive season by offering free gifts to strangers. They also reward those people who are seen to be kind to others during this time so that others will

Christmas Time Treats: A Blog About Surprising People With Free Christmas Gifts

During the holiday season, there are numerous opportunities to perform random acts of kindness. One really awesome way is to identify people you think might enjoy a little holiday treat or gift, then leave it for them somewhere where they’ll find it.

Here are some ideas for locations for your Christmas time treats:

In a library book that someone has just returned and is sitting in the “just returned” slot. In an unlocked car (be sure to not do anything illegal like break into a locked car). On the seat of a bus or train. On the seat at a restaurant (next to an empty chair). In someone’s mailbox. Taped to the bottom of their shopping cart at the grocery store. On top of or taped to their gas pump at a gas station. In or on top of their unlocked gym locker. Taped underneath their desk at work or school. Taped to the bottom of their computer mouse or keyboard at work or school. Inside one of their books on a bookshelf at home or work.

This list of ideas and tips can help you get started:

Ideas for things to give away: food items, gift cards, coupons, CDs, books,

Can you imagine a street performer at Christmas time? That’s what I thought. Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing a man juggling pineapples for money? And then there are two guys playing music and both of them singing? And then there is another guy over here drawing in the sand with a stick for money?

That is a weird way to make money. You could be doing something people want, like accounting or building houses or writing software. So why are these people performing on the street?

The answer is that they are performing at Christmas time. They aren’t trying to make money; they’re trying to entertain people. And they’re doing it because that’s what makes them happy.

I have an idea that I think will make me happy: I’m going to start giving away free gifts this Christmas season. No, not just giving away gifts; giving away gifts that surprise people who don’t expect them. I want to try to pick out things people will like, and then find ways of getting them those things as presents, anonymously, that will make them happy but also catch them off guard, so it won’t seem like any kind of exchange or obligation.

There’s a good chance I’m going to blow my budget on this project

In order to surprise people, we must first find them. For that, we go to the busiest streets of London on the busiest days of Christmas (usually around the 22nd and 23rd) and perform a variety of festive songs. After our performance, we search for someone who has been particularly generous to us by giving us a large donation. Once they have been found, we approach them and give them our biggest thank you. Of course that is not all. We also reward them with a gift card!

After the deed has been done, we blog about it to remind other people about the importance of generosity and kindness during this special time of year!

I was walking down the street, when I saw a man begging. He asked me for a 50 cent piece to buy a coffee. As it happened, I had a spare 50 cents in my pocket so I gave him the coin without much thought.

As I continued on my way, I began to wonder what would happen if this were just one of many random acts of kindness performed in the lead up to Christmas. What if we all took the time to give something small to someone who has less than ourselves? How much could we improve the lives of those around us with such simple gestures?

And so, I decided to start my own blog about christmas street performers. This blog will feature stories about people who have done nice things for strangers during this festive season.

I hope that this blog will inspire others to do the same and that together we can make December 25th a day where everyone is treated like family.

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