Park Street Performance Arts

Park Street Performance Arts is a non-profit performing arts program for low-income families in New York City. We offer classes in acting, dance, and music for children ages 3-12.

We hope that this blog will be a way to keep our students and their parents informed about what’s going on here at the school, but also to connect with the larger community of people interested in supporting education programs like ours.

Park Street Performance Arts is a new and sustainable program for the performing arts. We are located in the heart of New York City.

Park Street Performance Arts offers year-round classes, workshops and camps for toddlers, teens, and adults. Our approach emphasizes the development of each student’s individual artistic voice within an encouraging and creative community.

Whether you’re interested in acting or singing, the Park Street Performance Arts approach will challenge you to grow as an artist and performer.

Park Street Performance Arts (PSPA) is a not-for-profit theater arts program operating out of the basement of St. Andrews Church at 122nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue in NYC. Through theater, music, dance and art, PSPA serves children ages 5 through 18 with an emphasis on the creative process and providing a forum for self-expression. We are currently in our 10th year of operation.

Our mission is to provide high quality arts education at no cost. With the help of our many generous donors, we have raised over $100k over the past two years to support this program.

We are proud to have featured so many talented students from the neighborhood and beyond. In addition to our extensive summer camp which culminates in a full production of a musical or play, we offer classes throughout the school year including beginning piano, drama, dance and more.

Park Street Performing Arts is a new, non-profit performing arts program in the heart of Manhattan. We aim to serve children, parents, and the community by providing a place where everyone can enjoy dance and theater. Park Street is committed to being sustainable, so that we can support families who would otherwise not have access to the arts.

Our goal is to use the arts as a way to bring together children from all parts of our community. We will be collaborating with other organizations in NYC to make sure every child has an opportunity to be a part of this incredible experience!

Park Street Performance Arts is a new program that seeks to make the arts more accessible to residents in our community. We believe that everyone deserves access to the arts, and that exposure to the arts can have a profound impact on people’s lives.

Our mission is to provide free or low-cost performances, workshops, and exhibitions for people of all ages and backgrounds. We will offer a wide range of programs including music, theater, dance, opera, poetry readings, and more. Our goal is to foster a greater appreciation for the arts among members of our community, as well as encourage participants to explore their own creative potential.

I’m an arts administrator in New York City. I have worked in arts education for the past five years. My work has been focused on providing quality arts education for students from underserved communities. My first job was as a teaching artist with ArtsConnection, a non-profit organization that works with students throughout New York City in public schools and community centers. At ArtsConnection I learned how to teach dance to students with special needs, how to make dances with students using improvisation, how to teach choreography and how to properly instruct a dance class. I also worked with teachers to create lesson plans that aligned with the core curriculum of their class.

I am currently working at Prep for Prep, a leadership development program focused on preparing students of color from New York City’s public schools for success at independent schools and highly selective colleges and universities. At Prep I work closely with high school students and help them find internships that are relevant to their interests.

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