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Recruiting Buskers: A blog about busker review and hiring buskers.

Recruit Buskers is a site dedicated to bringing street performers, better known as “buskers,” together with those who wish to hire them. Our mission is to make the process of hiring a busker as easy as possible.

Our site allows users to post busker reviews, which will allow others to know what to expect before they see a performance. This will also help buskers establish themselves and build a reputation in their community. In addition, users can post ads seeking buskers for specific events or performances.

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I was at the market yesterday and had the pleasure of watching one of the best buskers in the world. He was a living statue, his costume was incredible and he was hugely talented. I really enjoyed watching him and was excited to see that he had a video of his act on his website. I went onto his site and got the shock of my life; the video wasn’t there! Possibly he has removed it because it didn’t do him justice, but I think it would be great if he put another video up there that showed how good his act really is.

I am asking all buskers out there to make sure they have a video of their act online somewhere where people can see it. Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook are great places for this. If you don’t have your own website then these other services will work just as well. You can even create your own channel on Youtube where you can upload all your videos, which makes finding them easy for fans and those looking to hire you for an event or festival.

If you are a busker or artist of some kind and need help creating your very own website then let me know at

Busker review and recruitment website.

Buskers for hire.

Busking is a wonderful way to raise money or simply make people smile. Hiring a busker can make your event into something special.

Buskers are street artists who perform for a crowd hoping to earn money in tips from the audience. They can be found all over the world, although they are most common in big cities such as New York, London and Toronto.

Buskers usually play music, sing, juggle or do magic tricks for their audiences. Some buskers also use props in their performances such as costume or puppets to enhance their performances and bring more enjoyment to their audiences. Often, buskers will find an ideal location where they know that there will always be a steady stream of foot traffic such as outside subway stations or at busy intersections in the city. Busking is a popular activity among professional entertainers who do it between jobs or as a way of making extra money and even young children often entertain people with their piano playing or singing skills on street corners.

There is a busker in every street corner, at every traffic light, in every subway and shopping mall. But, who are the best of them all?

We have been trying to find out.

In this blog you will find a review of the most important street performers all over the world. We will also present a guide for booking them for your events and parties, so if you feel like having some fun, don’t hesitate.

You can start by checking out our list of the most popular buskers by country.

Busk is a verb meaning to perform music, dance or other entertainment in a public place for tips or donations.

Busking is often associated with street performance or subway performance. In cities around the world subway systems are home to buskers. The New York City Subway system is one of the largest and most popular in the world for buskers. People from all over the world ‘busk’ on the New York City Subway. Buskers can be found performing in every station in all five boroughs of New York City.

Buskers can be found playing music, singing, dancing, acting, doing magic tricks and more. Some use props, others do not. Some wear costumes, others wear street clothes. There are many different styles of busking that vary according to geographic location and cultural tradition. Some buskers like to perform alone while others like to perform in a group or duo. Popular instruments include guitar and saxophone but you can find anything from bagpipes to accordions being played by buskers on the subway platform.

In the United States laws vary by city but generally busking is legal as long as it does not block pedestrian traffic or create excessive noise levels on the subway platform. Most cities also require you to obtain a permit to legally ‘bus

As a young student in the mid ’80s I would often spend my weekends visiting London’s Covent Garden with friends. It wasn’t unusual to see many of the world’s greatest buskers and street performers working there. The list included Thomas Frager, “The Living Statue”; Paul Burling; Johnny Mac and the Seamen; The Flying Rodleighs; The Bobby McGees; Michael Davis and other members of “The Covent Garden Jugglers”; and of course, many others.

I was fortunate enough to have been given a tape recording by Paul Burling of some of his work. This included a recording of the legendary routine that he did with Johnny Mac, who went on to be part of the famous Circus Oz production group. It featured an amazing act that combined juggling and mime with Johnny playing a large double bass and Paul as a slightly off-the-wall character wearing an overcoat and hat who proceeded to take everything out of his pockets.

He was one of the most engaging characters I’ve ever seen working the streets – whether in London or anywhere else – and had an incredible talent for getting huge amounts of money from the passers-by. He did this by entertaining them for about five minutes before getting around

This week, I want to share with you the most amazing busking act I’ve ever seen.

I first stumbled across this act in the line up for the 2009 Iowa City Jazz Festival. Now, if you live in or around the Midwest, you are probably aware that Iowa City is an absolutely fantastic place to see jazz. The festival itself is a great time and the line up is always top notch.

As I was walking through the festival grounds on my way down to see some music, another band caught my eye. There was a large crowd gathered around one of the side stages and these fellows were absolutely killing it! I got there just in time to see a guy on a unicycle balance himself on one foot while playing a cello…

Needless to say, this grabbed my attention.

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