Robot: Best Street Dancer? The Best Robot Street Dance Compilation Ever!

This video is simply a compilation of the best robot street dancing videos I could find on YouTube. No other video really compared to this one, so I decided to make my own. Enjoy!

Robot dance is considered one of the most complicated forms of street dance. You could say that human dancers are still very far from reaching perfection in this style. That’s why it’s so fascinating to watch a robot performing such a difficult dance form.

I mean, can you imagine? A robot dancing robot style? It’s hard to believe. And yet, here it is – the best robot street dance compilation ever!

So grab your remote controller and get ready to be blown away by these awesome robots!

Robots are awesome! I mean, they can do anything: vacuuming floors, cutting grass and even dancing! However, not all robots are good at dancing. It takes years of practice to achieve perfection in this art.

That’s why we decided to compile only the best street dance performances by robots. Check out our selection of the top 20 robotic dancers on YouTube and prepare yourself for some serious talent!

Robot Street Dance | Robot Dance Battle | Robot Dance Compilation

The best robot dance clips compilation!

These amazing robots can do the shuffle, moonwalk, and even breakdance!

This is the most insane street dance robot compilation ever!

Watch these cool robots dance.

Check out this compilation of the best robot street dances ever. This is a continuation of several other robot dance compilations such as “The Best Robot Dance Ever” and “Robot Dance Battle” by Matt Maxa. The difference, however, is that this is all street dancing.

This compilation features some of the best robot dancers on the planet. Some of the dancers include: Lil C, Phillip Chbeeb, Marquese Scott, Kida, Brandon “Boom” Lavar, Meech, Poppin’ Pete and many others. Most of them are from America’s Best Dance Crew Season 1-5.

There are also some other dancers such as KevJumba and Ryan Higa (Nigahiga). They lip sync to music but dance like robots.

If you have any suggestions for future videos/compilations or if you want me to find a specific video for you just let me know!

Robots are showing off their moves, and it’s not just for industrial purposes.

The robot street dance craze has hit South Korea and Japan, where robots are being programmed to perform the latest dance moves to pop music.

Programmers behind these mechanical moves say dancing is a great way to show off their robot’s movements and flexibility.

South Korea’s Robot World Fair, held in October, featured dancing robots. The fair included a competition called ‘Best Robot Dance Performance,’ in which first place was awarded to a robot that did the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance.

Robots were also programmed to do Michael Jackson’s iconic ‘Moonwalk,’ and a hip-hop style dance routine.

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A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry, and thus a type of an embedded system.[1] In practice, robots are usually machines controlled from a distance by a human operator rather than being autonomous, but the term “robot” is often used to refer to autonomous machines that can be programmed like robots.[2]

Smart Machines: IBM’s Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing (Columbia Business School Publishing), John Kelly III & Steve Hamm

We love to dance, but we can’t dance. But the robots don’t know it, so they’re dancing anyway.

We’re not sure which is better: The robot on rollerskates? The robot with headphones? The robot in the shopping cart? The robot with balloons? Nah, the real star of this video compilation is the robotic arm that manages to master a set of complicated dance moves. It’s all pretty amazing.

What was your favorite robot dance in the video above? Tell us in the comments!

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