Street Performing Top 10 Tips to Help You Get Booked

I have been a street performer in Mallory Square in Key West, Florida, since May 2006. I have performed there at least five nights a week. I always get booked and paid for the night. Here are my top 10 tips to help you get booked and make money when you perform on the streets:

1. Get there early. The earlier you arrive, the better your spot will be.

2. Do something amazing or unique. This is extremely important. While there is room for all types of acts, if you do something that is out of the ordinary, you will get booked more often. For instance, I juggle with fire (which is what I did in the video above).

3. Have a good hat line or tip jar that attracts attention and gets people to put money in it even before they see your show. Get creative about this!

4. Have a website where people can find out more about you, including working photos and videos of your act (even if they are from your cell phone).

5. Have some business cards made up with your website address on them so that people can find out more after they see your show.

6. Do not wear earphones while performing as people think

I have been a street performer for over 19 years. I have been booked by the best, from the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap in Washington DC to the New Victory in NYC. I have also performed in all of the major venues, meeting halls and streets of Europe and Australia.

I believe that I have learned some things about getting bookings. Here are my top ten tips to help you get hired:

1. First, understand that it is a business.

2. Do not attempt to build your act while you are trying to get booked. The audience has come to see your act, not your rehearsal!

3. It is good to be versatile; but remember: you want to be known as one thing.

4. You must always be good enough so that they want you back, or at least recommend you to someone else who may book you again next year. Be sure that your pictures and video represent what they will actually see when they hire you!

5. Build relationships with talent buyers by keeping in touch with them throughout the year, not just when you are trying to book an event for yourself or someone else.

6. Keep in touch with other performers and develop a network of people who can keep each other informed about auditions and

I’m a full-time street performer and musician. I’m also the founder of Music Career Mentor. After performing on the streets of Canada, Australia and Europe, I’ve put together a list of tips that will help you get your first booking, play to bigger crowds and earn more money while performing in the streets!

1. Get to know other street performers in your area

2. Make sure you have enough songs

3. Set your pitch (where you perform)

4. Always be prepared for any situation

5. Invest in the right gear

6. Start off slow (don’t go straight to the big pitch)

7. Always be professional, even if you’re not getting booked

8. Try different styles if you’re not getting booked

9. Don’t overplay your pitch

10. Take a break from time to time

Hi there,

I am a street performer in key west florida. I perform magic for tips. I was reading your tips and i think you are great! My advice is to never leave the keys without a contract from any venue you are performing at. If they can not provide one move on. Do not get taken advantage of by these people. They will try to book and pay you last minute if they have to. This way if they do not show up to pay you (which happens 80% of the time) you have a contract so it is more difficult for them to get away with it. Hope this helps!


When I first started performing on the street, I didn’t have much to go on. But after a few months of being on the streets I developed some tricks that made it easier to get bookings and get repeat bookings.

These tips are especially for those of you who are new to street performing or just having trouble getting booked. I’ve tried to make it as straight forward as possible for you!

In this post, we’re going to cover:

1. How to get bookings

2. How to improve your shows

3. What else you can offer the venue

4. How to keep your show fresh

5. How much you should charge

Let’s dive in!

Don’t wait for the phone to ring.

It’s important to take the initiative.

Be honest.

Don’t exaggerate your experience or abilities.

Make friends with other performers.

Find out the name of the booking agent before you call.

Talk to other performers who have booked there and find out what they did to get booked, how much they were paid, how many people showed up and how long they performed.


2. The Right Look:


4. We’ve all seen the sad man with a cardboard sign that says “Will work for food.” Forget it! You’re better than that! And you deserve more! Get a sharp looking hat, a colorful vest and some unique props. Make sure your clothes are clean and well maintained.


6. The Hat: The first thing people will throw money into is your hat or guitar case if you play music. So make sure it’s clean and professional looking. I use an old top hat but there are many options to choose from (fedora, derby etc.) Just make sure it’s clean and in good condition. If you have one, add a feather or other decoration to help make your hat distinctive and memorable.

6a. I’ve tried adding lights to my hat but they tend to distract people when I perform so I don’t do this anymore although I know some jugglers who do this successfully so you may want to try it out..

7. Your Performance Area: Before you start performing make sure the area where you will be working is clean and clear of debris or other hazards that could cause someone to trip or injure themselves or others near you

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