World’s 6 Greatest Drummers of All Time

When people think of drumming, most think of the simple beat that is the backbone of many songs. But at a expert level, drumming becomes much more technical and intricate. Using several different instruments to create different beats and tones, a true drummer can become a master at their craft. These 6 men are some of the best in history, elevating the art form to an entirely new level.

1) Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is perhaps one of the most popular drummers today. He was born on January 14th 1969 in Warren, Ohio. He grew up in Springfield, Virginia before moving to Alexandria, Virginia at age 12. Throughout high school Dave was a member of several bands, but did not initially play the drums until he joined his first band, Scream. After leaving that band he joined Nirvana and quickly became popular with their hit Smells Like Teen Spirit. Following Kurt Cobain’s death he formed Foo Fighters and later Queens of The Stone Age. His style has been called “unconventional” because he does not typically use conventional beats or fills in his songs.

2) Neil Peart

Born on September 12th 1952 in Hamilton Ontario Canada, Neil Peart is perhaps one of the greatest drummers in all of history. He was

The Chinese drumming culture is something that has been around for thousands of years, and the mastery of this ancient craft is a skill that is still developing to this day. The following is a list of some of the most famous Chinese drummers, who have mastered the ancient art.

1. Wei Tianyi

2. Li Bao En

3. Zhou Yi Hui

4. Liu Zhi Jun

5. Chen Jianing

So, who are the best drummers of all time? Well, in this article we will be discussing the best drummers of all time that have changed the course of music history.

Some of these guys you will recognize from your favorite rock bands and some you may not know. But one thing is for sure is that they are all amazing drummers from all different genres and styles of music. These top drummers can play with their hands and feet, with sticks and mallets, on drums, cymbals, gongs and other instruments, but most importantly they can make us dance!

Lets take a look at what I think are the best drummers of all time.

1. The first one is the amazing street drummer, I was fortunate enough to see him while in Denver Colorado and he is truly incredible. You can find his YouTube channel here:

2. Another one is a guy named Henry Jackman, who plays the drums in public places around London and has an amazing sense of rhythm and timing. Here’s a video of him on YouTube:

3. This guy is called Mike Mak, a street drummer from the United States and he draws quite the crowd when he plays! He’s a very entertaining performer who seems to really enjoy what he does! Here’s his YouTube channel:

4. The next person on this list is Michael Jackson, the King of Pop himself! His live performances are always so incredible that it doesn’t matter if you’re not familiar with his work or not because everyone loves them anyway! He’s also got some great videos on YouTube about how he does it all so well! Here’s one such video:

When you are walking down the street and come across amazing street performers, it really makes your day! Here’s a list of 5 street performers that will blow your mind. These guys are seriously talented and unbelievable!

1.This first guy is an incredible singer and guitar player. His voice is so powerful and beautiful. Check out his rendition of “Who You Are” by Jessie J.

2.This next guy is called “Magician Bob” and he does amazing tricks on the streets of New Orleans. He pulls cards out of thin air and guesses people’s thoughts and card selections over and over again. He even makes a rocket ship appear from his mouth! This guy is seriously talented, check it out.

3.This next guy is a bucket drummer! He takes buckets and turns them into instruments for his drum set. He has mastered each bucket to make a certain sound – snare, kick drum, cymbal, etc.. When he plays all together it sounds like a full drum set being played. It’s incredible!

4.This next guy sings in pitch perfect harmony with himself while playing the guitar at the same time. It’s hard enough to sing in 1 voice but to do

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1. Siro-A – a Japanese techno-pop group, is an extremely eclectic multimedia performance group that combines live music, comedy skits, robot dances and mime into a highly unique performance based on the theme “Technology Meets Entertainment.”

2. Wrecking Orchestra: This is a Japanese drumming group that play on top of old cars and make it sound cool. It’s hard to imagine how you could ever come up with such a concept, but the guys from Wrecking Orchestra sure did!

3. Drumbones: This is a two-man drumming group that use long sticks to hit drums (some as many as 30 feet away) and create music. The stick is called ‘Handrum.’

4. Drum Machine: This uses classic instruments like drums, cymbals and bass in new ways by using technology to create a unique musical experience.

5. Drumline: This uses a combination of traditional drums and percussion instruments to create music along with electronic sounds that are similar to those found in video games.

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