The Best Street Performers in the World

Welcome to the Best Street Performers in the World site, a blog around some of the greatest street performers found on YouTube.

It is intended as a place to highlight and promote the work of street performers all around the world, but especially those who are featured on Brass Band Street Performers’ YouTube channel. The site features posts about the performers who have been featured on the channel, what they are doing now and any news that may have come my way since the video was published.

The site also features articles and insights into what makes a great street performer and how to become one yourself.

I hope you enjoy it!

The Best Street Performers in the World is a blog about, you guessed it – the best street performers in the world!

We have been searching for the most amazing and unique street performers on YouTube and have put them all here. We will continue to search for more so keep coming back to see our ever growing collection.

If you would like to suggest a performer please leave a comment on the bottom of any post or email me at

As we’ve spent time in the past year researching, writing and editing entries for our new book – The Best Street Performers in the World – we’ve come across a number of videos that don’t make it into the book. So to share the street performer love, here’s a selection of some of those great performances.

BellowHead is a British folk music ensemble formed by Jon Boden and Benji Kirkpatrick with other musicians. They are currently signed to Navigator Records. Their band name is derived from a story about a carnival barker who was advertising “Bellows’ Head” (or “Bellows’ Head Hot Stuff”), which had no meaning.

The band formed in 2004, initially as an occasional concert act featuring Jon Boden and his former John Spiers & Jon Boden bandmate Benji Kirkpatrick, alongside John Spiers, Pete Flood (Bellowhead’s longest serving drummer) and Andy Mellon (trumpet). Bellowhead released their first album, Burlesque, in November 2004. The album was nominated for Best Album at the 2005 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, where they also won Best Live Act.

The following are some of my favorite street performers I have found on YouTube. These musicians and dancers are the best in their craft, and they perform on the street for everyone to see.

You can find videos of these performers playing rock music, jazz music, salsa music, and even classical music. Some of them even play multiple instruments at once.

One thing is certain: each one of these performers is a master of their craft. They are truly the best street performers in the world.

The best street performers in the world can be found in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Here are some of the greatest street performers from around the world. These are great examples of the art at its very best.

If you have a favourite performer or performance, please drop us an email with a link to it, so we can post it here. If you want us to include your own video here, please let us know and we will consider it.

We hope that you enjoy these videos and we hope that they inspire you to try street performing yourself!

The street performers in this blog are all amazing!

They are all very talented, great musicians.

Some of them play the violin and some of them play the saxophone.

The most talented street performers are in New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans is known for its jazz music and brass bands.

My favorite street performer is a saxophonist named Troy Andrews, also known as Trombone Shorty.

What makes a street performer good? Well, I think there are many things. First and foremost it’s the music they play. If they perform a song that people know, they have a much better chance of making people stop and watch them.

Secondly, I think what is important is the audience. If the street band plays on a busy street with lots of people, chances are that some part of their performance will be seen. The more people see them, the more will donate to them.

Thirdly, it’s the location that counts. If you play on a busy street you will get lots of exposure and hopefully some donations as well.

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