An Education of Performing Arts, Open To Everyone

MSPAC is a non-profit organization providing quality performing arts education and professional performances to people of all ages and abilities. MSPAC has provided the community with a welcoming and positive safe haven through its classes, workshops, camps, and performances.

MSPAC’s mission is to provide affordable access to the highest quality performing arts education, performance opportunities, and entertainment in a nurturing environment that builds confidence, communication skills, teamwork, responsibility, professionalism and respect for all.

The Main Street Performing Arts Center strives to create opportunities for education in the performing arts that are open to everyone regardless of race or ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, economic status or physical ability. We are determined to ensure that the performing arts remain accessible to those who live in our community; especially those who would not normally have the opportunity to experience it.

The Main Street Performing Arts Center (MSPAC) has been a staple in the community for many years. The MSPAC offers an equal opportunity education of the performing arts to all ages and walks of life. We believe that the performing arts can be beneficial to everyone, regardless of age or income level.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive program that includes Music Lessons, Dance Classes, Acting Classes and Visual Arts Classes to all members of our community, regardless of age or income level.

We strive to reach this goal by offering scholarships, financial aid, and payment plans to students who are in need. In addition, we offer many classes that cater to the needs of our senior members such as ballet, tap dance and jazz dance classes.

Main Street Performing Arts Center (MSPAC) is a nonprofit organization based in New York City, founded in 2014. The mission of MSPAC is to make performing arts education accessible to everyone, regardless of income level or professional goals.

To that end, MSPAC offers a wide range of high-quality, low-cost classes for students of all ages and skill levels. From beginner to advanced, children to adults, our students learn from some of the best teachers in New York City.

Main Street Performing Arts Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing performing arts education and outreach to children, ages birth through 18, in the local community and across the globe.

Our mission is to inspire a life-long love of the arts within our youth. We believe that every child deserves access to excellent performing arts education regardless of their economic situation or financial well being. We also believe that our class curriculum should include children of all abilities which is why we offer classes that are inclusive to all. Our classes are open to everyone, not just those who can afford it.

Our vision is to become a center for arts education and outreach in our community offering classes in music, dance, theatre and visual art. We will offer educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities as well as scholarship opportunities for families who need financial assistance.

The Main Street Performing Arts Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation created to provide the community with a modern, state-of-the-art facility to promote and celebrate the performing arts.

MSPAC is the result of over 20 years of planning by local residents and businesses. In 2007, the MSPAC Board of Directors began working on the concept for the Center and determined there was sufficient interest and support for creating this type of facility in Southlake.

MSPAC will be built in phases on an 8.5 acre site on East Southlake Boulevard, adjacent to Town Square. The first phase will include a 1,200 seat theater with orchestra pit, stage, balcony and box seating; 100 seat studio theater; classrooms; dressing rooms and rehearsal spaces. Subsequent phases will include a dinner theater and additional classroom space.

MSPAC is a community-based performing arts center. Located on the main street of Portland, Maine, MSPAC offers an array of performance offerings, classes, and workshops for all ages.

MSPAC is an institution devoted to bettering the community through arts education and exposure to a wide variety of arts experiences.

We believe that the arts can change people’s lives in ways that other subjects cannot. They teach us to think in new ways – to imagine and dream. They inspire us to be more creative, more expressive, more curious, and more thoughtful.”

For one thing, the place was a long way from anywhere. You could get there by train, but only if you were coming from the north; the nearest station was in the other direction. And it was an hour’s walk from the station to Main Street.

At first this did not seem like a problem to me. I am a city boy. I grew up in Boston, and never lived anywhere with fewer than half a million people until I went to graduate school in New York. Main Street wasn’t exactly rural, but it was small enough to make me feel like a foreigner at first: almost everyone had lived there all their lives, and they all knew each other. Most of them knew my parents from high school. (My father is from New York City; my mother is from Main Street.)

When I got there, I didn’t know anyone. I don’t think I even realized that some of the people on Main Street were famous until later, when I read about them in old copies of the Main Street Times, which is how we all got our news then. Since I didn’t know anyone, though, I didn’t really miss anyone either–not at first, anyway. So it wasn’t until after my parents died that it began to matter

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