The Many Things To Do in Key West, FL (Part 2)

But there is a lot more to Key West than just the beach. There are so many activities in Key West, Florida, you could spend weeks there and still not get everything done.

I have already told you about some of my favorite things to do in Key West, like snorkeling and kayaking through the mangroves. But I have more great ideas for you to enjoy while you’re visiting this tropical paradise.

Mallory Square Street Performers

If you go to Mallory Square at sunset time, you will see a large crowd gathered around the docks. They are all waiting for the amazing street performers that appear there daily.

You can find jugglers and acrobats, fire eaters and tightrope walkers – all with their own unique style of entertainment. The street performers begin their acts as the sun sets over the ocean and usually last until 9 p.m. It’s really an amazing sight!

Mallory Square is a popular place to be at sunset and is one of the top free things to do while in Key West. The Square becomes a street fair at sunset with jugglers, magicians, escapologists, clowns, acrobats, fire-eaters, food vendors, psychics and other performers. The Mallory Square Sunset Celebration has been the highlight for many visitors for over thirty years. From the vendors selling their wares to the live music played by local bands, there is something for everyone.

Get your face painted or buy some jewelry from any of the vendors that line the square or perhaps get your palm read by one of the psychics that are scattered around the square. Grab some food from one of the many food vendors and sit and relax while you watch all of the action going on around you. If you get there early enough you will have a great seat to watch all of the street performers doing their thing right in front of you!

This is also a great opportunity for people watching! You will see everything from kids with their families to couples on a romantic vacation as well as many cruisers who just want to be entertained. I promise that you will not be bored here and it is fun for everyone!

Make sure

Celebrating the sunset in Key West is a nightly tradition that draws locals and tourists alike to Mallory Square. The street performers are amazing. From the tightrope walker to the fire-eater, there’s something for everyone.

I’m not sure who first started celebrating the sunset in Key West, but I bet they didn’t expect it to grow into what it has today. Every night of the week you’ll find hundreds of people crowding around Mallory Square to watch the sun go down. There is a lot of anticipation in the air as people stroll around with their ice cream cones and funnel cakes, waiting for that last moment when the sun disappears below the horizon.

What makes this even more exciting is all of the street performers that line up on both sides of Mallory Square. These are no amateurs hanging out on a Saturday afternoon; these are professional entertainers who have made a living at their unique craft for years.

One of my favorites is a juggler named Dan Furman who balances random items on his chin while juggling balls and other items. His most impressive act is when he juggles three bowling balls while balancing a fourth bowling ball on his chin!

If you are through with the sea activities, street performers in Mallory Square and the famous Sunset Celebration is a must-see. Here, you can witness a variety of extraordinary performances from acrobats, musicians, fire artists, clowns and more. The celebration starts four hours before the sunset on the docks of Mallory Square. And since Key West is known for its beautiful sunsets, it is not surprising to know that this event gathers thousands of people every night.

Moreover, don’t forget to walk around Duval Street and visit Sloppy Joe’s Bar where Ernest Hemingway used to drink when he was in Key West.

Key West is indeed an amazing place filled with numerous activities for everyone. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature or have an adrenaline rush with all its water sports activities. If you want to experience Key West at its best, do not hesitate to book your stay in one of their top hotels like Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn or Best Western Hibiscus Motel. These hotels provide their guests all the comfort they need, making them feel like home away from home.

Mallory Square is the home of the world famous Sunset Celebration, a nightly festival where you can watch the sunset with hundreds of locals and tourists. It is an amazing event that should not be missed. The celebration begins about an hour before sunset, but get there early if you want to get the best seat in town!

What makes this celebration so special is the talented street performers who entertain the crowd as they wait for the sun to set. You will see fire-eaters, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, fortune tellers and much more.

The sunset celebration at Mallory Square is also a great place to interact with other travelers as some of the street performers are looking for volunteers to participate in their acts. Being a part of one of these acts is always a fun and memorable experience!

Mallory Square is located at 400 Wall Street in downtown Key West.

The most famous of all of the street performers at Mallory Square is Jim Morris. Jim Morris is a man who has a dream to be a trapeze artist, and like many people with dreams, he did whatever it takes to reach his goal. He started this unusual journey when he was 65 years old and ended up doing something that no one ever thought possible.

Today you can watch Jim Morris in action as he performs his death-defying trapeze act during the sunset celebration at Mallory Square. The crowd gathers on the dock to watch him as he climbs up the ladder next to the cruise ship pier and jumps off with his hand full of bubbles. He does flips and twists before landing safely on the net below with a splash of bubbles.

Jim Morris is now 81 years old and still performing his amazing show for all to enjoy. If you are in Key West between January 7th and May 1st Saturday through Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm and Friday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm or between May 2nd and December 31st Monday through Saturday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Friday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Sunday 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm you will

If you’ve got a free evening and want to see some street performers, then head on down to Mallory Square in Key West. Every night, at sunset, there are several different acts performing for the crowds. The crowd gets bigger and bigger til the sun goes down.

You’ll see people doing tightrope walking, fire juggling, acrobats, and more. I must warn you though: it is not always family-friendly. Some of the performers may have salty language and sexual innuendos in their act. There is usually one or two performers like this and they usually take turns performing.

So if you don’t want your kids hearing that kind of stuff, keep them close by and cover their ears when those guys come on stage!

It’s very entertaining though…. it’s free too! Well, I think they pass around a hat at the end of each performance, but it’s not required to put anything in it.

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