Top 3 Bizarre Street Performers of the Year

Top 3 Bizarre Street Performers of the Year: A blog about some of the coolest street performers from around the world.

1. The Man With The Incredible Dancing Robot: This guy can really dance! He has a robot with him that moves to music and dances better than most people. I don’t know how he did it but this guy is amazing. If you ever visit London, be sure to check him out.

2. Amazing Dance Crew: These guys are just a bunch of normal people who have been thrown together by fate to become one of the top street performers in the world. They do everything from break dancing to acrobats and even ballet like moves. Check out their performance at Piccadilly Circus in London if you get a chance!

3. Incredible Chalk Art: This guy takes chalk drawings to a whole new level. He draws pictures that look like something out of an art museum and then he starts coloring them in with chalk like crazy! It’s seriously one of those things where you just have to see it for yourself.

Top 3 Bizarre Street Performers of the Year: A blog about some of the coolest street performers from around the world.

Street performers are the true inspiration for all of us. They travel to different parts of the world and perform on the streets for free. However, these performances are not ordinary; they are quite bizarre at times. Most of them are inspiring and some are just plain weird! I have listed three of the most amazing street performers from this year; these are not in any order of preference though.

1) Burak Ciltas as Violinist

Burak Ciltas is a Turkish street performer who is known for his amazing violin skills. He has performed in many countries like Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and Italy to name a few. His outstanding performances have even been featured on TV channels like the BBC and MTV Europe. He has recorded over 6 albums so far and has also composed music for popular movies. He recently performed in London, UK where he played his violin with an ice-cream carton! This was quite a unique performance as he had never used this instrument before in any of his previous shows.

He is extremely talented when it comes to playing instruments; he can play almost anything that comes his way! This includes sp

This is a list of the top 3 most bizarre street performers of the year.

1. The Blue Man Group: This group started in New York but has now become a world wide phenomenon. They are so popular that they have branched out into their own show, which is currently playing at the Venetian. They are known for their unique blue paint jobs and all blue outfits. You will find them at various spots around Las Vegas: on Fremont Street, just off the strip (at the front of Bally’s), and on Venice street (in front of Paris).

2. The Sparrow Man: You will find this man hanging upside down in trees throughout Las Vegas. He performs all over the strip, hanging from flag poles outside casinos or between palm trees on the sidewalks. He usually wears an all black outfit and occasionally carries a sword or other weapon with him as he hangs from his ankles doing flips and other stunts for passersby.

3. The Living Statue: These performers paint themselves to look like statues and then stand perfectly still for hours at a time in costume. Some of them may move slightly every once in a while so as to not freak people out too much, but overall they stay frozen in place until someone comes along and puts some money

When you think of street performers, you don’t usually think of phenomenal musicians. This is because most street performers just play the usual favorites, like “Freebird.” However, there are a few out there who strive to be different.

So without further adieu, here are my top three favorite bizarre street performers of the year! They are presented in no particular order, because it’s impossible to choose a favorite.

1. The Drumming Girl

She’s awesome because she drums and wears high heels… at the same time. Amazing! I wonder if she has any other talents? Maybe she can breathe fire and juggle at the same time too! I guess we’ll never know unless we ask her, huh?

2. The Singing Man

This guy has a unique way of playing his guitar and singing… his face is completely covered in tattoos! And for some reason he has a metal bucket on his head too. It makes me wonder if he cannot see out of his eyes at all? Or maybe he just likes the sound of metal hitting metal? Either way, he’s totally awesome and very entertaining to watch.

3. The Dancing Robot

This girl is amazing because not only does she have an extremely talented dog, but she dresses up like

A street performer or busker is a person who entertains in public places for gratuities. Street performers are a feature of many cultures and cities. They use various methods to attract an audience, including jokes, magic tricks, juggling acts, music, or playing animal-skin instruments. The term busking is derived from the Spanish word buscar, meaning “to seek”.

Street performers usually provide entertainment, often for a donation or for tips. This can range from a single musician playing in the street to shows on busy street corners. On busy city streets this can take the form of A Capella singing and dancing to playing an instrument or performing an act. The term originates from Spain where it was common practice to play music in front of shops in order to attract custom.

It’s hard not to walk through the streets without coming across some sort of street art or performance; however there are some performers that really stand out and make you stop dead in your tracks.

These are just 3 of the most bizarre street performers we found this year:





Ronnie Bucknum’s Marionettes

Our top pick for the best street performers of the year is Ronnie Bucknum’s Marionettes. Ronnie and his troupe are a group of talented artists who use a variety of different mediums to create some truly incredible and realistic marionettes. While other groups might just play around with puppets, this troupe uses marionettes to put on a full-blown theatrical performance on the streets. The performances have received rave reviews and can frequently be seen in New York during the summer months. A big thank you to Ronnie Bucknum and his troupe for helping us make our list of the best street performers of 2015!

Some people have the talent of surprising others. These three street performers certainly have that talent!

1) What do you think the instrument is in this picture? If you guessed a shopping cart, you are correct. The man in the picture is from Japan and has a unique musical style that has been seen throughout Asia. He has his own website and Facebook page for which he often posts about his upcoming performances. Most of his performances are in Japanese but could easily be translated if enough people were interested.

2) This next performer might seem familiar to some of you who live in the United States. Perhaps you’ve seen him on America’s Got Talent? His name is Nicholas Jarmon, and he can play just about anything from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga!

3) Last, but not least, is a Belgian street performer known as “The Crazy Violinist”. He has a unique style unlike any other violinist I have ever seen before. As you can see from the video posted below, he likes to get up close and personal with his audience!

I hope you enjoyed these amazing street performers! Be sure to check out their Facebook pages, websites, and YouTube videos for more information on upcoming performances.

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