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Statues That Live, also known as Living Statues, are a visual spectacle that art lovers, photographers and people of all ages love to watch. They are performers who are painted head-to-toe in skin makeup and then wear elaborate costumes that make them look like statues. Where can you find artistic and colorful statues that live?

The most common places to find statues that live are at outdoor events such as art fairs, festivals, street fairs and carnivals. They can also be seen indoors at trade shows, conventions and corporate events. But the places you don’t expect to see them may surprise you!

We’ve done team building for companies like Facebook and Google where employees were given a creative break from their work day to stand still in body paint and elaborate feathered costumes. We’ve had babies bring us flowers during our performances at hospitals. We’ve cheered up cancer patients by being a bright distraction from their treatments at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City. And we’ve helped raise money for charities by being auctioned off at fundraising galas for non-profits like the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Living statues have been a popular form of street entertainment for many years. Statues are often used for fundraising, charity events, festivals and entertainment in shopping centres.

Many people ask us where can you find statues?

The majority of our performers are from the UK, however we do also represent statues from other countries around the world including Holland, Belgium and Italy.

Living statues are usually booked per hour, and the number of hours they will work depends upon the event requirements. The most common booking duration is 2 or 3 hours however many performers will work longer if needed. They will usually perform between 2-3 sets of 15-20 minutes during an hour. Performances can be adapted to suit different events and corporate requirements.

Where can you find human statues?

Human statues are usually found in public places that attract large numbers of people. For example, they can be hired to perform at shopping malls, festivals and events and in the streets of metropolitan areas. Alternatively, they can be hired for private functions like weddings or corporate events.

Most professional performers have their own website and this is often the best place to begin your search for a statue. The web address will often feature the words ‘human statue’ in the domain name, which makes it easy to find them through a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Many performers will also advertise in local newspapers to attract work in their own area.

Finally, many performers belong to performing unions or societies, so if you know the name of one performer there will often be links to other artists on their website.

Statue performers are so versatile that they can be used in just about any event and environment. You would be surprised by the wide range of areas where they perform. Commonly, you’ll find them performing at shopping centres, corporate events, trade shows, award ceremonies, sporting events, festivals and private events. Some of the most popular places you’ll find statue performers include:

Shopping Malls

Corporate Events

Trade Shows

Award Ceremonies

Sporting Events


Private Events

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that any old statue will do. The best statues are those that are designed to be lifelike and lifelike statues are often made by artists with a background or training in sculpture or art. It is important to find out whether the model has ever worked as a living statue before. Although it may sound like it would be easy to stand still for several hours, this is not the case. You can pay more for a professional living statue but it is worthwhile doing so because you want your guests to get the most enjoyment from their experience at your party. If a model does not know what they are doing, then it might not be so exciting.

You can also hire people dressed up as statues from other countries such as Italy which is famous for its marble sculptures and even France which has been known to have some amazing works of art too. These people will help you re-create the history of these places in your own home and provide a great talking point for everyone at your party..

The living statue performers also called living statues, human statues and statue men are artists whose costume, makeup, poses and gestures give the illusion that they are living statues. In simple terms, these performers are real people dressed in costume to look like statues.

Statues have been around since the beginning of time. It is believed that the first statue was made in the Stone Age! Statues were used for various purposes, for example burial and religious rituals or as a form of decoration. Most statues are found outside in public spaces such as parks, gardens and public squares. Today there are hundreds of thousands of statues all over the world; some more famous than others! The most famous statue is probably Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro which is a Catholic monument standing at 39 metres tall!

The art that is performed by living statues is known as ‘tableau vivant’ meaning ‘living picture’. These performers can be seen doing their tableau vivant performing at events such as festivals, trade shows, receptions and dinners.

Statues can be hired for a variety of events; whether it be to greet guests or make them laugh with their humorous poses and gestures. The most important thing to note about this type of entertainment is that each statue will have its own

Welcome to the World of Living Statues, also known as Street Statues. The idea is based on a simple premise. A person is dressed up as a statue which is painted to match the surroundings. The body of the performer is held totally still, so that they appear to be a real statue!

In recent years it has become a worldwide phenomenon and can be seen in many major cities around the world including London, New York, Sydney and Paris. The most famous living statues venue of all though is without doubt Amsterdam in Holland where there have been more than 50 living statues performing in Dam Square over the past few years.

All performers are professional actors and have been trained in the art of being a living statue. It’s not such an easy thing to do! If you’ve ever tried to sit still for any length of time you’ll know how difficult it can be to stop your body twitching and wiggling about!

Living Statues are always popular at events and exhibitions as they attract crowds from nowhere! Their appeal is that they are so unusual and people are intrigued as to what will happen next! Sometimes people wander off thinking that it’s just an ordinary statue but then suddenly the performer starts moving or interacting with them!

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