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The street performer protocol is a way for street performers to make announcements. Street performer protocol messages should be posted on the official Street Performers of the World blog and may also be emailed to subscribers or posted on other blogs, bulletin boards, or similar places.

The goal of this blog is to raise awareness of the existence of street performers. Many people have an image of street performances as homeless people singing sadly in the subway; actually they are often some of the most entertaining public events you can attend. The best way to find out about them is by word of mouth; we hope this blog will become a major source of such recommendations. We are not trying to become an exhaustive or comprehensive list, but rather a curated one: we want only the good stuff.

The first of its kind! A blog listing the most popular street performers from around the world.

Watch videos and read reviews on the best performers in your area.

From the human statue to the living statue! The street musician to the living statue! The street magician to the living statue!

Do you have a talent? Post your videos, photos and comments and get discovered by millions of people all over the world!

Do you want to see a performer in your city or town? Post a request, and we will try our best to accommodate all of your wishes!

The Street Performers of the World blog is a collection of street performers from around the world. The blog features video interviews with these performers, as well as articles on the street performer lifestyle and career.

Street Performers of the World was founded in 2015 by two street performers who wanted to share their art with the world. While they had always performed in their hometowns, they realized that there were many other street performers just like them, across the globe. With this insight, they decided to start up a blog to feature and interview street performers from all over.

Now, with more than 150 videos and articles posted on their site, Street Performers of the World is a popular destination for aspiring and professional street performers alike.

As you might recall from earlier in the course, one of my favorite topics is street performers. I love acts where the performer just shows up on the street and starts doing amazing things.

I know some people think it’s annoying to have a street performer show up without warning, but I think that’s an important part of their appeal. You can’t see them and say “well, it’s not worth my time to see that”; you have to see them first and then decide. So you’re likely to see all kinds of performers you otherwise wouldn’t notice.

And a lot of people agree with me; there are plenty of websites with lists of popular street performers around the world, like this one from ThoughtCo.. And if you’ve never seen some of these acts, I highly recommend them!

Welcome to the world of street performers. Who doesn’t love a street performer? Here you will find the best of the best from all over the world. We list all kinds of street performers including jugglers, magicians, mimes, artists, musicians and more.

Check out our blog for news about upcoming performances as well as videos of past performances. Also find out what’s new in the world of street performing and where to find them!

There’s not much that is more entertaining than a good street performer. From children with their faces painted, to adults dressed up as clowns and doing magic tricks, there are always great things happening on city sidewalks.

Ever been sitting on a bench in a city square, having a snack and watching the world go by when suddenly, right in front of you, someone starts juggling or dancing? Or maybe a mime or magician?

Most people would probably be happy to sit back and enjoy the show. But if you’re anything like me, you find yourself wondering where these performers came from, how they make their living, how they learn their craft. What’s more, you’re probably curious as to what other kinds of performers are out there, in other cities and countries.

That is the purpose of this blog: to provide an online community for street performers around the world to share ideas and techniques. You’ll find videos of some amazing performances here, as well as interviews with performers who share their secrets. We have a forum where people can ask questions of each other and even post ads if they are looking for work or trying to hire someone.

You can also submit your own posts and photos – just sign up first!

A street performer or busker[1] is a person who performs in public places for gratuities. Street performers may be seen in public places where there are large numbers of people and the venue is not a stage. Street performers include comedians, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, break-dancers, one-man bands, street musicians, living statues and fortune-tellers.

Some street performers entertain for money but some do it for fun. Some street performers entertain to earn a living. Others find alternative ways of survival with their artistic skills. For example, they might collect money from passing tourists or even sell their art to make a living.

Street performers also use their performance to express themselves in a positive way and are often considered artists by trade.[2] Some street performers may have a very serious social or political message to get across. A lot of street performance is about letting go and having fun; seeing the artist’s enjoyment can often be just as much entertainment as the show itself.[3]

As well as being performed in public places, street performance is also performed on board passenger ships or on ferries (where they are sometimes called shipboard entertainers). Musicians in particular find work on cruise ships.[4] Passengers generally

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