Public Music Performance Tips for Getting a Great Spot

If you are planning on being a public musician, this blog has all the tips you need to get that great spot! Public music performance is a great way to make some extra cash while doing what you love.

1. Look for a place with lots of foot traffic. In large cities, especially, you can find tons of people passing by. That’s going to give you the best chance at gaining attention and making money.

2. Create a sign that explains what you’re doing and where the money goes. People will appreciate this and it adds a personal touch to your act. Think of it as advertising!

3. If you have some free time, try visiting other spots where public musicians play. You’ll get a feel for what makes a good spot and what doesn’t, as well as seeing what works for other performers there.

Public music performance is a great way to get your name out there, learn your craft, and make some money. But it’s important to understand the business before you dive in.

Choosing a location is key, but not as key as you might think. There are many considerations when choosing a spot. Is this a safe area? Are people walking by? If there are people around, are they moving briskly, or slowly? Do they look like they’re in a hurry to get somewhere? Are the people who aren’t in such a hurry carrying heavy bags or other items that would make it difficult for them to stop? Is it raining or snowing? How is the weather otherwise? What does the air smell like? Could you be competing with another performer for attention? How much foot traffic will there be at this time of day/night/year/century/millennia/eon/etc.? All of these things will affect your performance and how many donations you receive.

Once you have found the perfect spot, it’s time to play! Music is great fun and very rewarding. Some helpful tips:

– Play loudly enough so that people can hear you, but not so loud that you deafen them.

– Avoid using any instruments that

Get out of your car

Turn your radio off. Listen to what’s happening around you. Sometimes the best street musicians or performers are right next to you and you don’t even know it.

Listen for variety

Be aware of the different types of music, sounds, and noises around you. Just because you think something doesn’t sound good now, doesn’t mean that it won’t sound better after a few minutes of listening to it. Be sure to listen long enough to allow yourself to get into the music that someone is making.

Appreciate the time and work that goes into street performing or busking

Street performers are not always professionals, but they have all put a great amount of time and energy into practicing for their act. Street performers who sing, play instruments, dance, or do anything else on the street is putting themselves at risk in many ways. When people see them perform they should appreciate their effort and talent so that these performers can continue to grow as artists and hone their skills as performers.

Some street musicians need help from listeners

It’s a good idea to offer money to any street performer if you want them to continue doing what they’re doing because it takes a lot of courage for anyone to do anything in public by themselves. Also,

If you’re just starting out, make sure you have a great spot.

In cities like New York and Boston, there are specific locations that are considered prime for street performing. (In San Francisco, the corner of Powell and Market is one of the more popular spots.) Other prime spots include public transit stations and busy pedestrian areas.

If you’re an experienced street performer, you not only know these hot spots but also know when to be there. (Especially if you want a spot in the subway or at a transit station – they fill up fast.)

Even if you have a great voice and talent on your instrument, no one is going to stop and listen if you’re playing in an inconvenient or distracting location. If it’s your first time performing in public, choose a spot that’s convenient for people to stop and listen for a few minutes.

If you’re setting up in a busy area, make sure it’s legal.

One thing all performers should look out for is making sure their performance space is legal. Some cities have laws against street performance in certain areas or during certain times (especially near banks or ATMs). Make sure you take the time to read up on any local laws before setting up shop with your tambourine – especially if it

1. Find the Busiest Spot

Go to the busiest street corner and set up your act for a few minutes. If you get a lot of attention, money, and tips, then that’s the spot for you.

2. Open Your Case

Opening your case makes it very clear to passersby that you are there to perform and want money.

3. Look Sharp

Wear nice clothes and look presentable as possible. If you dress like a bum people will think you’re a bum and ignore you.

4. Bring a Friend or Two

You could have your friend help set up the equipment, pass out fliers, take photographs, record videos or simply be a crowd attractor. The more help the merrier!

5. Smile, Make Eye Contact and Enjoy Yourself!

People will give if they see that you are enjoying yourself. Give it your all and make sure everyone knows that you love what you do!

I have been a street musician for over 10 years, and I have been able to travel the world playing music to people while they eat dinner. I want to share what I have learned about how to be a successful street musician.


I’ve been a professional street musician for over a decade now and I still get asked the same question: “How do you guys get so many people to watch?”

It’s actually not that hard. Here are five rules to make sure your busking is as effective as possible.

1. Location, location, location.

If you’re in a dead spot, you will have fewer people watch and it will be more difficult to make money. In general, high traffic areas are better than lower traffic ones. Visibility is key too — if people can’t see you, they won’t stop. This can be tricky because most cities have laws prohibiting street performers from blocking pedestrians or storefronts. If possible, try to find a spot where you can set up in front of a large window or door (the entrance to an alley or building works great) so that people walking by can see inside easily.

2. Get there early! (or get there last)

If you’re in an awesome location, chances are other musicians know it too and will try to take it over before you do (this happens all the time). If this happens and you get there first, don’t worry about being there all day — just set up for as long as it takes

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