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Street Entertainment Hire for Events: A blog around bringing street performers to events and why is important.

Street entertainment has been around for centuries, it has always been a part of society and for many people it is a way of life. There are lots of different types of street entertainer from magicians to jugglers, however the most common type of street performer would be the busker. The word busker comes from the Spanish root word buscar, which means “to seek”, a busker is someone who performs in public in order to seek money or other rewards. In some parts of the world Busking is illegal and can lead to heavy fines or even jail time, however in many countries such as the UK and the USA it is perfectly legal.

Buskers are commonly found on streets and in subway stations, but they can also be booked for private parties and corporate events. Like any other performance art, busking requires practice in order to perfect your skills and once you have mastered them you can begin to earn money from your performances. Busking can be a great way to make a living as long as you choose your location carefully, because no matter how good you are if you aren’t in a busy spot then no one will see your act!


With an extensive experience of street entertainment hire for events, we at Street Performers Agency have brought street performers to some of the biggest and best events throughout the UK. With our team of professionals we will work with you to create a bespoke package that is unique to you and your event.

Street entertainment hire for events is becoming more and more popular when compared to corporate entertainment. This is because it allows for a free flowing element of surprise and excitement within the event. It is not uncommon for our performers to draw in large crowds and increase footfall at your events. Our artists are fully trained professionals who will interact with the crowd and come dressed in full costume, ready to put on a show that is sure to impress!

Street entertainment hire for events is also suitable for festivals, parades, gala days, promotional campaigns, carnivals, family fun days, shopping centres, private parties and much more!

Our talented team of street entertainers includes jugglers, stilt walkers, acrobats, fire eaters, unicyclists, magicians, clowns and much more! All of which are guaranteed to make your event one to remember!

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Street Entertainment Hire for Events

The Value of Street Entertainment at an Event

Street Entertainment is a great way to entertain guests and give them something to talk about. Whether they are blow torch jugglers, food stalls, or magicians, they can leave an impression on the people who attend your event. They are excellent additions to any event and there are things that you need to consider before you decide to hire them. Here are some examples of street performers and what they do.

Blow Torch Jugglers

These jugglers have a passion for fire and juggling. They combine these two elements together to create a unique performance that will get people talking about them at the event. This is also called fire breathing and it requires a lot of skill and concentration to do this act properly. The secret behind being a great fire juggler is ensuring that all the flames from the torches go out completely before starting another act. This is one of the most dangerous acts that street performers do and they need to ensure that they have insurance in case anything goes wrong with their act.

Street Performers for Hire

As an event organiser, you will be constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep your guests entertained, and hiring street performers or buskers is an excellent way to do just that. Having a street performer mingle with your guests whilst they enjoy a drink can make all the difference. Whether it’s mind-reading, juggling, uni-cycling or fire breathing; we have a wide range of street acts available to hire.

Busking is all about fun and spontaneity. It’s the perfect entertainment to book if you want to create an atmosphere of excitement at your event. All our street acts are highly skilled professionals, meaning they will ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

Street performers are known for their unique and charming personalities, making them the ideal addition to any event. They bring with them a sense of fun and excitement and will be able to interact with your guests in a way that is not only engaging but also entertaining.

Street performers for hire can be a great addition to your event or festival. These buskers are professional performers that have honed their craft on the streets of London, Sydney, New York and beyond. Now they’re available to perform at your event! We work with some of the best street performers from around the world and we’ll be adding them all to this site in due course.

For now, we have a number of fire acts and jugglers available to book worldwide. They can perform at corporate events, weddings, festivals, product launches and more. Check out our fire acts here:

Jugglers are also a great addition to any event but they’re not just good for entertainment; they can also be used as roaming meet-and-greet acts that will charm guests as they arrive.

Entertainment is the key element for any event, whether it be a wedding, party or corporate event. Entertainment can be in the form of a DJ or beautiful live music but often the entertainment is in between these acts. Street performers are a perfect example of this.

Street performers are a great way to keep people entertained during breaks in the entertainment schedule, for example during dinner at weddings or when guests arrive at an event. The street performers can perform interactive shows that keep crowds entertained and not feeling like they are waiting around for the main entertainment.

The street performers can also perform while guests are leaving at the end of an evening as a final act to keep people talking and excited about your event. These styles of performances can include stilt walkers, jugglers, acrobats, musicians and magicians who will mingle with crowds or have small shows on stage to entertain.

Hiring street performers is also a great way to keep your budget down by hiring less expensive acts to fill time slots where there would otherwise be no entertainment. This can be a great cost effective way to make any event look like you have spent more money than you have and give your guests extra entertainment that they will remember forever!

Street performers for hire is the most experienced and professional entertainment agency in the UK. We have been supplying exceptional street theatre and entertainment at events across the country and beyond since 1990.

Our extensive client portfolio includes many of the world’s leading brands and organisations, event agencies, local authorities, garden centres, corporate clients, theatres, arts festivals and carnivals.

Street performers are a unique form of entertainment that can be found all over the world. They can be any kind of performer such as musicians, magicians or even acrobats. They can also perform any type of art such as clowning, mime or juggling. Street artists are often not picked by the audience which makes it even more exciting to watch.

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