Street Mime Artist Man With A Plan Says He’s On A Mission To Stop Street Violence

Street mime artist Man With A Plan says he is on a mission to stop street violence.

The 29-year-old performer, who was born in China but raised in the United States, is an expert at miming, an art form that uses movement and gestures to communicate without words.

“I changed my name from Charlie to Man With A Plan because I want people to know I have a plan for the world,” he told The Huffington Post. “I’m not just a street mime. I am a street mime with a purpose.”

Man With A Plan first discovered his calling as a teenager after watching Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. He started miming at 18 years old and began performing on the streets of New York City at age 24. He now lives in Miami and performs there almost every day.

“My goal is to stop violence in Miami,” he said. “It’s a very violent city… but it’s also full of amazing energy.”

A street mime artist says he is on a mission to stop street violence in his neighborhood by imitating it.

Man With A Plan, who has been performing as a mime on the streets of Los Angeles for more than 30 years, has seen his share of violence and says he’s doing his part to stop it by using his art form.

“I just stand there, and I make believe that I’m holding a gun, and I’ll shoot somebody,” said Man With A Plan. “I think people get the message.”

His “plan” seems to be working. So far this year, there have been no shootings in the area where he performs.

Bethany Patten, who lives in the area where Man With A Plan performs, says she’s never witnessed a shooting near her home. She said she’s always felt safe with Man With A Plan around.

“I think it’s great what he’s doing,” she said. “It’s helping everyone in my neighborhood feel safer.”

The mime artist on the street corner is more than just a man with a plan. He says he’s on a mission to stop street violence.

“I’m not here for the money,” said Michael Giron, who has been performing miming acts in downtown Portland for over two years. “I’m here to change people’s lives.”

Giron is most often seen miming on Hawthorne Boulevard or at Pioneer Square. His routine consists of juggling, riding an imaginary bicycle and walking against the wind, all accompanied by an iPod blasting opera or classical music.

Giron’s goal, he says, is to use mime as a way to reduce aggression and violence on city streets. He believes that the power of art can help people let go of anger and reconnect with their humanity.

“When you see someone doing something like this, you can’t help but smile,” he said. “Then, you start thinking about how you’re going to treat other people.”

Watching an old lady cross the street, he could see how people might think he was a panhandler. Dressed in black and white, with his hat turned up, he is one of two mime artists who try to put smiles on faces along Woodward Avenue and in Campus Martius Park.

Brown is a professional performer, who has studied and worked across the country. He said his mission is to stop street violence through mime.

He said he loves Detroit, but it has its problems.

“It’s so important for me to do what I do,” Brown said. “I’m going to make them laugh until they cry.”

With mime, Brown can get a reaction out of anyone and that reaction usually brings a smile or laughter.

“If you look at the little kids and adults that don’t have the best time of their lives, they need something like this,” he said.

Brown has tried several times to find performers to join him on Woodward Avenue, but few people are willing to put in the work required for professional mime artists.

He admits that some days are tougher than others.”You have to be strong,” Brown said. “There’s never been a day that I haven’t wanted to quit.”

A street mime, who has been performing for nearly 30 years, says he is on a mission to stop violence in his community.

“I’m just trying to get people to stop killing each other,” said Michael Cox, known as the “Mime Man.” He’s been performing on the streets of Detroit for 27 years.

He’s a familiar presence at intersections and during block parties, a mime who uses his body and facial expressions to tell stories of fictional characters. He calls the characters he mimics his “children.”

Cox’s performance art has grown into an all-consuming passion, but one that has also taken a toll on him. The Mime Man has endured two strokes, one of which left him in a coma.

The street mime artist known simply as “Brad” says his work is a mission to help stop violence in the streets. The 24-year-old, who grew up on the south side of Chicago and now lives in New York City, says he was inspired to take up mime after watching the movie “The Artist.”

“I was blown away by that movie,” said Brad, who said he has no knowledge of the traditional artform. “It showed me that you don’t need words to say what’s on your mind. You can express yourself through movement.”

Brad believes that if people stopped doing things with their hands and mouths, there would be less violence in the world. A street performer for about five years now, he doesn’t make much money from his act.

“I’m not in it for the money,” he said. “I just want to make a difference.”

A street performer who operates an elaborate mime act on the streets of New York City is actually on a mission to stop street violence.

The routine performed by the well-dressed man, identified as Dan Tague, involves pretending to interact with people walking by. According to Gothamist, he pretends to be looking for someone and asks passersby if they have seen the person. When they say no, he pretends to become angry and starts attacking people in a very realistic manner.

“I’m doing it because I would love to see an end to violence on our streets,” Dan told the local news outlet. “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine.”

The only thing that stops him from actually hitting someone is a sheet of glass that separates him from his audience. He also wears a helmet for safety reasons. But it is still quite convincing and many people have called 911 or tried to intervene. He has been asked to stop his performance and arrested several times, but the police let him go when they realize what he is doing.

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