Tony’s Covent Garden Timings

Hi, My name is Tony. I am a street performer, who performs in Covent Garden. Here are my timings for this week:

Monday: 12pm and 4pm

Hello All,

I have had a few queries about the timings of our performances at Covent Garden. So I thought I would set out the daily schedule so that people can plan their visits accordingly.

I perform everyday from 11am to 6pm and we take a 20 minute break at 1pm and another break from 3pm until 3.40pm.

So if you are coming to one of our shows please try to be there for either 11am or after 1pm or after 3.40pm as these are the times when we are not performing. That way you won’t miss out on anything!

I hope this helps.

Best Wishes,


I have one rule for the street performers in Covent Garden. When they start their act up, I give them 30 seconds. If they’re not funny by then, I walk off and hope I didn’t piss them off too much.

I don’t know why this works for me, but it does. I’ve seen a lot of street performers that are incredible for many minutes. But even the best of them just aren’t that good for very long*.

Some highlights:

The performing opera duo. For a while I thought they were pretty good, so I left them some money. Then they started throwing their hats to each other across the crowd, which was great except that they kept missing and had to go chasing after them.

The violinist who kept messing up his Shostakovitch pieces because he couldn’t see his music through his hair covering his eyes. He was actually better when he messed up than when he played right on key. It’s really hard to mess up Shostakovitch on purpose.

I recently saw the funniest street performer ever: a woman doing acrobatics with her dog. It was incredibly impressive, but unfortunately she had no idea how to time her jokes nor her routines and would take way too long between each routine

The Covent Garden area of London is a very popular tourist attraction, not just for its history but also for its street performers. These entertainers come from all over the world to perform daily in Covent Garden’s Piazza.

Visit the Covent Garden website for up-to-date information about the street performers and other things to see and do in the area.

The time for each act is approximate. The time allowed for each act might be changed by the performers or by the management.

10:30-11:00 The Damned Pianist

11:00-12:00 Brokin English Klik

12:00-13:00 Keith Fields – Stilt Walker

13:00-13:45 The Jugglers of Woburn Walk

13:45-14:15 Magic Bob’s Magical Show

14:15-14:20 The Flower Girls

14:20-15:20 Brokin English Klik

15:20-16:40 Keith Fields – Stilt Walker

16:40-17:00 The Jugglers of Woburn Walk

17:00-17:25 Magic Bob’s Magical Show

17.25-18.45 Brokin English Klik

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

12 noon – 6pm.

We do not perform Monday to Thursday.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

I always thought I had a reasonably good grasp of time: the hours of the day; the days of the month; the months of the year; and those vague periods called summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Then I retired and discovered that time is rather more complicated than that. Now it’s all about clocks, watches and calendars. And for some reason, there are 24 hours in each day. You’d think that humans would want to change things around a bit so that there were 25 hours in a day, or 30 or maybe even 12 – one for every month – but no, it’s 24 every single day. And if that wasn’t enough to deal with, there’s also daylight saving time.

And just when I thought I was beginning to understand how all this works – after all, we didn’t have daylight saving time until 1916 and we’ve been using calendars since 46 B.C. – along comes some bozo who decides to mess it all up by introducing leap seconds.

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