Top 5 Cities for Buskers to Make Money

While most people go to the beach for a vacation, others have found ways to make money from it. Busking has become a popular way to make extra money while doing what you love. Many cities around the world are known for having great buskers, but there are some which consistently top the list of the best places in the world to busk.

The following list is made up of cities where talented buskers often make over $1,000 per day. Some of these cities require buskers to obtain permits before they can perform on the street, and others don’t allow amplification at all. But if you’re willing to work within these parameters and follow any other rules that may apply, you might find yourself making a very comfortable living as a traveling musician or performer.

Here are the Top 5 Cities for Buskers to Make Money:

There is something about a busker that just makes you want to stay and watch. Maybe it’s the way they move or the sound of their voices, the way they can make you feel. Buskers are not there for amusement, but to make money. They are in business, and all of them take it seriously.

There are many cities around the world where buskers can make a lot of money. But, which ones offer the best opportunities? Here is a list of our top five cities for buskers to make money:

5. Sydney, Australia

This city has a large international audience, with many buskers coming from all over the world. The city allows you to perform in many public spaces, including train stations and beaches. Some performers have made more than $100 per day depending on where they perform and how good they are at their craft.

4. London, UK

London attracts a huge amount of tourists every year, making it an ideal location for buskers to perform. The public transport system has been described as an “open-air theatre” with many performances being carried out on different trains at different times throughout the day.

3. New York City, USA

This city never sleeps, and neither do its buskers! The

Busking is the art of performing in public places to create an atmosphere and to earn money. It is a great way for musicians and performers to earn extra money, practice their craft and meet new people.

For most buskers, it’s just a fun pastime; however, it can also be a full-time job. Some performers have mastered the art of creating an atmosphere and are able to make a comfortable living from busking.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional busker, you’ll need to know where the best locations are for making money. Below is a list of the top five cities in the world that are ideal for buskers because they offer high foot traffic and lenient laws.

My name is Adam, and I am a professional busker. I have been performing on the streets of the world for over 20 years now and have made a very good living doing so.

I have traveled to nearly every continent in the world and have been impressed by the talents of other buskers everywhere I have gone. We are all in this together, working harder than anyone else to earn a living; we are a global community of artists and performers, helping each other out.

In my travels, I’ve discovered that there are specific cities where it is easier to make money as a street performer than in others. This can be for many reasons: an abundance of good spots, high tourist traffic, positive attitudes towards buskers from locals and tourists alike, or even just luck!

Here are some great places for you to take your show on the road…

1. Vancouver

1. Paris, France

2. New York City, USA

3. London, England

4. Barcelona, Spain

5. Venice, Italy

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