Warm-Up Your Audience, Pull A Rabbit Out Of Your Hat With These 5 Tricks

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Warm-Up Your Audience, Pull A Rabbit Out Of Your Hat With These 5 Tricks

published on: April 5, 2018

A magic show is a spectacle. The best magicians make the audience feel like they’ve witnessed a miracle. And that’s usually because they’ve built up the trick in such a way that people did not see it coming.

Bay Area magician Ryan Kane has been performing magic professionally for over 15 years. He’s one of the most renowned magicians in San Francisco and he’s performed at hundreds of private parties and events all over the Bay Area. Ryan shared some magic secrets with us about how to get your audience excited for a magic show and keep them engaged throughout your performance. Read on for five tricks you can do to amaze your friends at your next party and learn from a professional magician!

1. Choose the Right Trick for the Audience

Ryan says it’s easy to tell what tricks will work well with a group before you start performing by observing the age and demographic of the group. “I wouldn’t do card tricks with small kids, but I’d do more visual illusions like making objects disappear.”

2. Warm Them Up First

Ryan says that before he starts in with his

As a magician, you know how important it is to warm-up your audience. The more you can make people laugh, the more they’ll be at ease – and the bigger the magic trick you can pull out of your hat. So here are five tricks you can use to do just that in your next magic show.

1.The Money Trick

This is one of my favorites! You ask a person to take a $20 bill from their wallet or purse and fold it in half lengthwise. Then, you have them fold it again – this time widthwise. Next, you have them fold it diagonally. Finally, you instruct your volunteer to tear off the corners of the bill. Now comes the fun part!

You reach into your pocket or purse and pull out a coin with which to restore the $20 bill back to its original condition with all four corners intact. “It’s only a quarter,” you say as you hand it to the volunteer along with their $20 bill, “but I guess we can’t expect too much for 25 cents these days.”

2.The Card Trick

This is an oldie but goodie! Begin by telling everyone that your grandfather was a professional magician who first showed this trick to his grandson (you

If you are a magician who performs on the street then you know how hard it can be to generate a crowd and get those coins flowing. Sometimes you have to resort to some of the oldest tricks in the book.

Here are 5 sure-fire, time-tested ways to bring in a crowd and have them throwing money at your feet.

1. Saw The Girl In Half

Okay, so this is an old chestnut but it still works every time. A girl in half is 99% of the reason why people stop and watch magic shows in the first place.

The trick is pretty self-explanatory, or at least it was when I was kid. To the layman, you simply saw a girl in half with a chainsaw. The reality is more complicated than that but it all boils down to sleight of hand, misdirection and a bit of glue (and not just for the girl).

2. Pull A Rabbit Out Of Your Hat

This is one of the most fundamental tricks for any busker who wants to survive out there on the streets. Once you have people watching you will need something to keep them entertained while they wait for their turn to part with their cash. This is when you pull out your rabbit

There are lots of reasons for performing magic tricks. You might be a street magician just trying to make some money from an audience, or you might be a professional magician, entertaining hundreds at a corporate event. Either way, you’ll need to warm up your audience before you start doing your bigger and more impressive tricks. Here are 5 great tricks for warming up your audience.

1. Card prediction – it’s always good to start a show with something that involves the whole audience, and card prediction is perfect for this. If you ask the audience to name a card, then you can tell them what they’ve chosen without having to involve anyone else in the trick.

2. Bottle production – this is another great effect that will involve the whole audience. It’s very visual, and if done well, it’s very impressive as well.

3. Magic dice – this is an old favourite that many magicians still love to perform. It’s quite simple, but it’s also quite deceptive when performed properly. There are lots of different variations on the theme; perhaps you could use the numbers on dice instead of words?

4. Card revelation – reveal a chosen card by tearing it up and throwing it into a glass of water? That’ll get their attention! The method

If you are a magician looking to improve your stage performance, or you simply want to learn more about the art of magic, this is the place for you.

My passion is performing on stage, and I’ve put together a number of articles with advice, tips, and techniques that I’ve picked up over the years.

I’ll also be talking about performing on the street (or “busking” as it’s known), as well as some of my favorite tricks that are easy enough for anyone to perform.

There is no magic that can be done more effectively and powerfully than street magic. It can be performed at any place and at any time. Street magic is not only entertaining but also provides a great opportunity to interact with the audience. The thing that makes street magic so popular among magicians is that it can easily grab the attention of the audience, who are already busy doing some other work.

If you are a beginner in this field, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while performing street magic:

1. Find out which tricks would be appropriate for your act.

2. Before starting your act, entertain your audience with some small talks or jokes.

3. While performing the tricks, make direct eye contact with the audience and try to keep them engaged with your performance as much as possible.

The magician gets a volunteer from the audience to help him with his show.

The magician asks the volunteer to select a number between one and ten.

The magician asks the volunteer to write down their number using a piece of paper and pen provided by the magician. The volunteer is asked to fold up their paper, hide it in their pocket, and keep it secret.

The magician has another volunteer called onto stage to assist him with his show. The second volunteer is asked to select a number between one and ten.

The second volunteer writes down their number on a piece of paper provided by the magician. This paper is then folded up and hidden in their pocket, just like the first volunteer.

The magician asks both volunteers to hold hands with each other so they can’t see what they’ve written down on their papers, which are still hidden in their pockets.

The magician then produces an envelope from nowhere that he says contains one random number between one and ten. He asks the first volunteer to take this envelope and put it into his pocket next to his own piece of paper, so there are now two pieces of paper in that pocket: the random envelope number, and the first volunteer’s chosen number. At this point, neither volunteer knows which piece of paper belongs to

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